Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Lol..nope, no bear was chasing me...I just had a brief moment of runners insanity.

Last night, after work, I went to the gym as planned. But, I didn't do the work out I had in mind. I ended up running....10 miles to be exact. It took me 1 hr 43 minutes...once I started running..well, I just couldn't stop. My mentality, with every mile I ran...was well, I think I can go one more mile...now, I did take a few short walk breaks, after the 4 mile...

Here is the breakdown:

Mile 1: 9 min 24 seconds
Mile 2: 9 min 22 seconds
Mile 3: 9 min 14 seconds
Mile 4: 9 min 44 seconds
Mile 5: 10 min 20 seconds
Mile 6: 11 min 12 seconds
Mile 7: 10 min 28 seconds
Mile 8: 11 min 42 seconds
Mile 9: 12 min 14 seconds
Mile 10: 11 min 20 seconds

Yes, I slowed sown considerably..but, I was taking about a .25 mile walk break the last few miles. Plus adding in a cool down walk.

I was spent. I didn't plan on it, but once I got started, I just kept going. Next time, I will plan a little better..I ran out of water by mile 8...and I could have probably used a shot of Gu or something about half way through. But, overall...not too bad...Would have liked to have kept those last few minutes below 11 minutes...but, my hip was killing me and I had to take a few short/quick walk breaks.

Today, is a free day from working out....which is a good thing. I am so tired today. I don't know if it was the exercise endorphins, or what..but I was unable to sleep at all last night. Didn't sleep much the night before that...so, I am looking forward to an early bed time tonight.

I will be back this afternoon, with a post regarding that elusive give a way I have been talking about.



Big Pissy said...

WOW!!!!!!!! a 10 mile run is AWESOME!!!!

Most people can't even run ONE mile!

Good for you!!! :)

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Pissy! It has taken me a long time to build up my endurance to that point. Hope to run a 1/2 marathon this fall.