Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mini-vacay is over...boo hoo.....

Aw, man...it was great while it lasted, let me tell ya!
We had a terrific 4 day weekend....It is oh so hard to get in the groove again after having time off...I could so be a "kept" woman..living the life of leisure...(just kidding, honey)...I do wish we were more financially stable, so that I could be the hot housewife and Mom....keeping my house spotless, cooking up yummy and healthy meals for my family, all while still having time to spend with the hubby and kids...but, alas..I have to help work for a living....

That is why, when I do get a break..it is a nice reprieve....

Friday morning, I got up and went for a 5 mile run...I was out the door at 7 30 a.m.....and let me tell ya, it was a glorious sweaty beast of a run....when I finished, hubby was out mowing and he took a break for awhile, sat and chatted with me on the front porch and then we showered and headed into town to take care of our errands and get some lunch.

We ended up eating at a Greek restaurant for lunch...I had a lamb/beef gyro that was to die for.....seriously, it was so good, I could have ate two! These babies were not small, let me tell ya...good thing I burned off 500 plus calories on my early morning run, or I would have been paying the price....

Hubby and I were able to spend a lovely kid free afternoon.....it was great! Eventually, hubby had to lie down (worked 3rd shift the night before) and I sat out on my front porch and read magazines and sipped a glass of wine...around 3:15, I decided to walk to my kids school and pick them up, since it was their last day...they are now officially on summer break....anyway, it is one mile exactly to the school...the kids were totally gung ho for the walk home and they were quite the little troopers, not complaining once..of course, they knew at the end of the walk, I would let them stop by the town market and pick up an after school treat....I am adamant to get those two outside playing more and exercising. The 7 year old told me he is ready to go for a run with me...how cute...we will see about that. So, exercise for the day...5 mile run and a 2 mile walk. Not bad..not bad at all...has that ended up being my only exercise for the 4 day weekend....unless throwing back glasses of wine can be considered a form of strength training..NO? Really? Well, guess I can't win at every thing...lol.

Friday evening, for dinner we had tacos...and no they were not very healthy..well, I made wraps with chicken for myself...and tacos for everyone else..so, it probably wasn't too bad....a lot of sodium I am sure in the taco seasoning, but overall...not too bad. I only ate two.
My two older boys showed up around 8 pm, we all ate...talked and watched t.v.....going to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning...I just wasn't feeling a run, I had so much to do to get ready for our cookout...we had 14 people total on our guest list (including my family) and I had housework and grocery shopping/planning to do. I had a limited budget and hubby was determined I stuck to it, so he followed me to the grocery store. We ended up only going over it by about $20...so, not too shabby at all....everyone that was coming was bringing something, so hubby started striking things off my grocery list...baked beans, strike one....deviled eggs, strike two...didnt make the cut...what did make the cut....Hamburgers/Bratts....chips, pasta salad, potato salad....Guests brought watermelon, fruit salad and more chips.....I made no bake oatmeal cookies and a peanut butter pie...We also had Key lime pie......and pop, tea and wine to drink.....

I had just got everything done and set up when the guests started showing up...we ended up only having 13 people...but it was fun. My close friend Carmine came over...bless her heart...she is dealing with an a-hole of an ex boyfriend, trying to find a place to live... I had not seen her in forever, so after the cook out guest left (i.e..the ex, the inlaws, a friend of hubbies), we built a fire, we all set out by it till well after midnight, drinking wine, laughing and having an awesome time. The little kids had a blast playing and roasting marshmallows.....until they literally collapsed on my living room floor...ah, the joys of summertime. I love it! Thanks again for coming Carmine...(she reads my blog) and I can't wait until you are back from your road trip so we can hang out again!

Sunday, well...that was spent cleaning up from the party, restoring order and just being generally lazy. My older two boys left to drive back to Terre Haute around 5 pm and 10 year old went to his Dads for the night...so, hubby and I decided to take a drive...we ended up driving from Indiana to Illinois....we got a little lost, so it took us awhile to get home..but it was fun. Oh, yeah..and while we were driving back home, we stopped for another burger at a little dairy barn place in Attica called the Short Stop and Max, the 7 year old..lost his first tooth....My baby is growing up on me....He was so excited to join the snaggle tooth ranks with his other little friends.

Monday, for some reason, I was so exhausted...I did absolutely nothing, but lay on the couch, watch Cake Boss marathon and Tori And Dean marathons until my mind was mush....we did get showered and dressed and went into town for some dinner...Bob Evans...down on the farm..lol..
I had the turkey club wrap and sweet potato fries..not sure about the calorie and carb content, but it was so good....couldn't have been too bad I would think. 7 year old got sick while we were there...we think his chocolate milk was spoiled and it made him sick to his stomach. Once we were home though, he seemed fine and even finished his dinner we had the waitress box up.
As far as I know, he is fine today...playing and driving the extremely tired hubby nuts!

Today at work has been busy, to say the least. Mr. Burns, I so did not miss.....thankfully, he has been gone for the afternoon. So, other than several radio calls, it has been relatively quiet..hence a blog post. Yay me!!

45 mintues to go and I am off to the gym..for a hopefully decent run and weights sesh...Got to repair the damage from my weekend binge...

Have a great week everyone...and oh...Thursday is National running day...Get out and run...if you are not a runner...run around the block, take a break and walk..then run again...then you can truly say you went out for a run! It all counts! I will be running, will you?

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