Monday, June 14, 2010

So Much to Do..So little Time.....Sick children, sick Dixie and busy, busy, busy....

Hi, everyone! How was the weekend? How was the past week? Mine..well, was rather uneventful. Same old-Same old, you know? Work/gym/home...wash, rinse, repeat....

I started my week last week with a sick child...throwing up at 1 30 a.m. in the morning...and said child (7 year old) fell asleep and laid back down in his throw up!!! How in the world can a child manage to throw up and not know it? I felt so bad. I didn't hear him at all. I got up to go to the restroom, and I smelled "that smell"...if you know what I mean....the bathroom was clean, no one had gotten sick in there..checked 10 year old's room...nope, wasn't him..then I thought oh, no...the Maxter...ran down to his room, flipped on the light and was totally overwhelmed at the sight that met my eyes..that poor child, his bed, the floor, the wall...everything was covered....I woke him up, put him in the shower, asking him why, oh, why did you not yell for Mommy..he said he didn't remember/didn't know....10 year old got up to help me with his little brother, while I tackled the mess in his room....most of it was contained on the top of his heavy/sleeping bag quality (one that is way too big for my washer) comforter, so I rolled that up, took it outside and laid it down in the back yard on the grass..figuring once I cleaned up the rest of the room, I would tackle that....I came back in, stripped the bed the rest of the way, washed the mattress, flipped it, cleaned around the bed (wall, floor, etc), remade bed, pine-soled/lysoled everything down, brushed the Maxters teeth, gave him some childrens tylenol and giner ale and put him back to bed. At this point, it was well after 2 a.m..I was exhuasted, having only just went to sleep prior to 1 a.m...and knew I had to be up at 6 a.m. to get ready for work....but, I still had to tackle the comforter...I figured the most I could do, since it would have to be washed in a commercial washer, would be to hose it down with the garden hose, hang it on the porch rail to I went out the back door, what did I see on the comforter..but a nasty possum....eating...yes, you guessed it....the throw up..that was so gross, I thought I was going to hurl myself...possum's are truly the nastiest things I have ever seem.....I screamed at it, it hissed at me and took off into the neighbors bushes....I proceeded to turn on the hose, to find the faucet handle was broken...I had no flash light, so I had to go inside and get this little key shaped device hubby uses for the faucet...I go back out, in the dark...looking for that damned hissing possum...and reach down to use the little key thing to turn the faucet on..and what did I do...I dropped the freaking thing down in the thick ground cover that surrounds the house...I had to feel around on my hands and knees, in the dark, on the wet ground, looking over my shoulder for the freaking hissing possum to return and bite me from behind...finally I found the key thing a mijiga and turned on the faucet....It took me at least 15 minutes to spray that sleeping bag/comforter down, and let me tell ya, it was heavy dry, but wet...It was all my little body could do to flip/turn/spray it and pick it up and hang it over the the time I was done it was around 2 30 in the morning..but, I was soaked, dirty and felt like I had vomit all over me, so I had to go in and take a the time I was back to bed, it was 3 a.m..and I tossed and turned for the next three hours and ended up going to work beyond exhausted, with no sleep. Miraculously, this was only Monday...and the week tended to continue in this, my gym time last week, to say the least was rather sparse. Monday night, of course with no sleep, I opted to not exercise..I hadn't done anything that Sunday before, I started to set a bad course for myself for the week..

Tuesday, I was feeling under the weather...not full blown sick like the Maxter..but, I fought that "icky" feeling all day long. Plus, I had some pretty severe intestinal issues...So, I opted to come home again after work, spending my evening pretty much lying on the couch, doing nothing.

Wednesday was a little better...I did make it to the gym for a 6 mile run and some ab/leg work.

Thursday at lunch time, I went for a 3.5 mile run....

Friday, I got food poisoning..or something...bad yogurt I ate I think...all I know is, after I ate it...I got very sick, kept throwing up, stomach cramps, etc...and I ended up leaving work early. Like 10:30 a.m...I had the dry heaves and felt like I was going to lie. I drove myself home and crawled into bed and didn't get up until late in the exercise for me then of course.

Saturday, I still wasn't feeling 100%, so I was rather slow getting my day started. The kids were gone....Justin (16 year old) didn't come to visit me for the weekend-he was in SC at the beach with his Dad and Step-family, 10 year old was with his dad and Max was with Grandma/, hubby and I had some errands to run, ending up with a late lunch at Applebee' stomach was still not up to par, so I didn't eat very a sandwich and it was pretty gross....then we went to the local pool and hung out for a couple hours until it was time for the two younger boys to come home.
The idiot ex brought 10 year old home and without my permission, decided he was going to cut his hair..a barber/stylist he is not and did a nightmare on his hair...I was shocked and pissed, all at the same time....without thinking, I mouthed off about how hideous it was then 10 year old started to defend his dad, then started to cry. I had to have a heart to heart with him, tell him to look in the mirror and tell me that you like what he did to you...So, a hair cut asap was what we had in store for him. I was doubtful they could repair the damage that had been done. I was seething at the ex for doing this to him. He may not have money, may not be paying me child support, but I do have money enough to get the kid a hair cut...the only reason I had not done it was time....I had planned on getting it done this Sunday anyway. I finally calmed Aaron down and
At this point, I finally felt better, so I contemplated on going for a run...but, then we had a huge thunderstorm come through and I sat out on the front porch while it rained and sipped a glass of wine and read a magazine. Hubby grilled out, by the time I ate, it was almost 9 pm... I promptly took my food baby and collasped into bed before 11 pm..on a Saturday night.

Sunday, I did some house work and decided no more excuses...I had to work out! Plus, we had to get Aaron to a Hair Stylist to fix his horrendous hack job his Dad did to him, So, about 3 pm...we loaded up the chil'ens and headed to town. First stop, Great Clips... a guy with a mohawk took care of Aaron and did a fabulous job fixing his hair. It looked, guy with the mohawk..kudos to you and your mad hair cutting rock!
Then, we stopped by Burger King and got the boys a late lunch. I don't do Burger King..but that is what they wanted, so that is what they got. Hey, don't judge me...that is the only fast food meal they ate all week..chicken tenders with fries....then we headed to the gym, them to swim, and me to run...My strength training had already went to hell for the week, and I really wanted to work on my mileage, since it was so low for the week....I was planning on about 8 miles...I drank a sugar free red bull before I started and I didn't have a lot of fuel in my, I didn't think things through very well....half way through my run, I took a gu-gel (God, those things are nasty) and felt it almost instantly..for refueling, they are awesome....I managed a 10 k (6.2 miles) in 59 minutes 22 seconds, and I decided to keep the end, 2 hrs and 7 minutes later..I ended up running a total of 12.5 miles...the furtherest (that is a word-ck it) I have ever run...ever, ever, ever....I was a tired, sweaty, nauseous beast at the end..but, I felt triumphant....kind of like Rocky when he climbed all those steps and reached the top, jump in the air, fist pumping euphoric...that was me...I went and got the hubby and the chil'ens and they changed while I showered and redressed, then we went to this little Greek restaurant for dinner....I felt sick to my stomach, chest was body was screaming at me for nourishment...I had burned off @ 1380 calories with my run and I needed something quick....I ordered a large chocolate milk and was ready to go back into that kitchen and fix it myself, it took the waitress such a long time to bring it out...I was almost delirious from hunger, by body was screaming for nourishment....I thought I was going to have a heart attack there for awhile..never again will I push myself that hard and not fuel properly before hand. I was almost too sick to eat...I only managed 1/2 of my gyro and had to box up the rest. Hubby was not happy at me to say the least. Plus, he was pissed a the bill...the food was sub par..all we order was three gyros and a kids meal and it ended up being somewhere around $35...the place we went to is called Christo's and it was very disappointing, to say the least. Nothing perturbs the hubby more than going out to eat, being overcharged and the food being tasteless and unfulfilling.
Once we got home, I promptly showered and died...I was so would think I would have slept like an angel last night..but, alas...I did not....the only thing I could think of being the cause was "over-exercise"...I felt like I had restless leg syndrome, or some such nonsense...I couldn't quit thrashing around. I finally took a couple Tylenol p.m.s and managed to get a few hours of decent sleep.
So, my plans for hip and knees are killing me...I have a tremendously busy day here at work...only a few hours left to go, then I am headed home, to get the family and I am thinking we are going to "eat fresh" tonight for dinner...Subway, grocery store, video store (for the kids) and home.

Here's hoping to a great and speedy work week!

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