Monday, July 12, 2010

So Tired....

This is kind of how I feel today...I don't know what is wrong with me...but, I am so exhausted. All of the freaking time! I could get 10 hours of sleep, still wake up feeling like I do when I only get 5 or 6 hours. Although, my weekend, as usual was pretty busy...After work Friday, I ran errands, went tanning, then went to the gym for a four mile run; then home to get ready for a night out with the hubby. We went to a sports bar, where people from work were meeting up. I was invited by one of the guys, in a off handed kind of, hubby and I was so lame, we bailed rather early, stopped off at another pub, then headed home. I didn't get in bed until around 3 a.m....and was up by 9 30 Saturday morning.
At noon, I started cleaning house and 4 1/2 hours later, hubby made me stop. We had plans that evening to meet up with a friend in Indianapolis, so we had to run to town, to pick up some things and then head home to start getting ready. I was so tired, I really didn't want to go..but, in the end, I bucked up and got ready. We left around 7 pm, headed to Smee's Place in Indianapolis...had a cocktail and some dinner, we met up with our friend, hit up another club in Indy, called it a night and headed home. Once again, another late night.
Sunday morning, hubby and I were both woke up rather early, as the church, directly across the street from our house, had an old car "cruise in" and a gospil campmeeting sort of thing, lots of loud car engines revving, they had an intercom system, blaring gospel music, people coming and going, parking in front of our house, on our lawn...not even bothering to ask permission. I was so ticked off. If we had been blaring music that loud, I am sure the police would have showed up and cited us for disturbing the peace, but it was apparently ok for them to do so. There was no way we could sleep with all of that racket, so we just had to get up.
Hubby left around noon to drive to Rockville (one hour away) to his parent's lakehouse to pick up Max, and left me at home. I spent the afternoon reading and finishing up some tv shows online. I finally took a shower and laid down around 5 for a short nap. Hubby got home a little after 7, we grilled out, relaxed for a short while, then he went to work. I tucked Max in and I was in bed, exhausted by 10 30..yet, I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night..and today, I feel like a zombie. What is wrong with me?! I am so tired, I could cry. I hope to make it to the gym this evening for a short run...3 miles...better than nothing, but I just don't know if I have it in me. There is a red bull in the fridge that I plan to drink @ 4 30...hopefully, that will help power me through a run. I sure hope the rest of this week goes by rather quickly and this upcoming weekend? Well, I am not doing a thing, but rest, rest and more rest.


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