Thursday, August 5, 2010

Calorie dense...but oh so tasty! Larabars...gotta have em'....

I have posted about these before....I love lara bars...but, I just tried this new flavor, to fuel up before going to the gym this afternoon....this flavor is phenomenal...tropical fruit tart....yum, freaking yum....I am in love.

If you have not tried larabars, and would like a gluten free, low ingrediant snack...then you must try them! My favorite flavors are: Tropical fruit, peanut butter, cashew, key lime and coconut.....

I only eat 1/2 of one at a time, because an entire bar is around 200 calories, but it is much better for you than a candy bar, that is for sure.

No one paid me to say this, nor have I received anything free (although that I wouldn't just like them and wanted to share my thoughts.

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