Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Show Me The Money....

My workplace is running a contest to save customer accounts from cancellation....very seldom do I ever participate in these contests, because they generally revolve around the residential side of our business, and I deal with the Commercial side of our business. But, the Customer save contest is open to all employees.
This afternoon, I just so happened to answer the phone, as it was ringing off the hook, and it was a residential customer, wanting to cancel all of his accounts, all 8 of them..yes, 8..and out of those 8, one was a commerical account...I managed to talk him out of cancelling, gave him a free service call on each property, and cha..ching..documented it, and will get a a cool bonus for each account. $10 per account x 8 accounts= $80!!!!

I will believe it when I see another words...Dear Boss Man...


And, if the bonus does go through on my next paycheck...question will be, what will I spend this extra $80 on? Probably bills...or kids. Such is my luck.


Mark said...

If I could get an eighty buck commission for talking a customer round, I would be glued to the phone!

Nothing like a nice bonus to improve my work ethic :)

Sicilian said...

Good job Dix! As usually mom's are area always thinking about what they are going to do for their kids. Take some of it and do something you want to do.
If they don't pay it, they will be pretty sorry employers.