Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snails Pace....

This is how I am riding through the a snail's pace. It has truly been a week of hell...Mr. Burns has decided to take up permanent residence at his desk...which infringes on me and drives me up the wall! I find it hard to believe that it is only Wednesday. Or that it has been over a week since my last post. I find myself reading blogs, commenting here or there, but not posting.

Nothing new my way....same old, same old, day in and day out. Had a great weekend last weekend with the hubby. The highlight being our Saturday afternoon lunch date to the Lafayette Main street Wine and Cheese shop. delicious. Here is the link:

If you are from the Lafayette area and have never must check it out. They sell a huge variety of wines, along with local made cheese, jellies, etc....It is owned by a Farmer in Delphi and he has done a phenomenal job with the place. They serve lunch type sandwiches and soup and on Sundays they have brunch menu with Mimosa's...MMMMmmmm....

I had an avocado b.l.t and hubby ordered a cuban sandwich...with that we shared a lovely bottle of Oliver Piniot Grigio..yum yum...after lunch we were a little tipsy, and meandered down mainstreet. We have never just strolled down Main Street and we proceeded to check out all the little shoppes, etc....stopping in one and buying some incense.

Pretty much, the remainder of our Saturday was spent resting. Sunday, on the road again to pick up kids; which pretty much took the entire afternoon and evening away.

The highlight of my entire week last week: Running 24 miles for the week! I worked out 5 days. That is a personal record for me. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum for this week.

But, now that the kids are back in school (started yesterday), it is really hard to make it to the gym that much. I feel guilty, like I am imposing too much on the hubby if I do. So, I am hoping the temps cool down and I can squeeze a few outside runs in through out the week. I used to be able to go and work out at lunch time, but the owner of the gym I go to, closed it down. He had 3 locations, with one of those very close by my work, of the three, he closed that one! Sucks so bad.

As it is, at this moment..I am counting down the hours until this work day is over. Which puts me closer to the weekend. Really don't have any big plans. We have kids all weekend, so probably housework, gym and some kid related activities.

I forsee one of these in my not so distant future!

All thanks to Mr. Burns...

Here's to Friday's speedy arrival.


Mark said...

Running 24 miles a week is impressive. Congratulations on achieving your personal best :)

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Mark, I appreciate it!