Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday and my first 10 K run

Well, is Friday. I am so glad. It has been a tough, busy week. I am looking forward to the end of the day and spending the evening with my wonderful husband. The kids are gone for the weekend. It is their Fall break from school and Aaron's dad wanted him, it's his Halloween, and Aaron wants to go trick-or-treating with his cousins. Max went to Grandma's house for 4 day break as well. She took him trick-or-treating last weekend at the neighbors, so not sure if she is going to take him again this weekend. For his sake I hope so. I am going to miss taking part in that with them this year. I hope they take pictures for me. Anyway, it will be nice to relax with the husband.

Tomorrow morning, I am running my first ever 10k run...I have run that distance many times on my own runs, so it's not the distance I am concerned with. But...the shin splint I have on my right leg. I ran 4.8 miles yesterday and the last couple of miles, it just about killed me. I have been taking ibuprofen...I have new shoes, that seem to be working out really, hopefully I can complete the race tomorrow.
I am not looking forward to the chilly morning either. I hate the cold! I hate running in the cold! I am not that hardcore of a runner. Love running outside, but not in weather that is excessively hot or cold. Oh, well..I didn't think about the temp when I signed up for this race, so I am just going to have to grin and bear it.
Hubby is going to "station" himself about every mile for me, with extra water, motivation, picture taking what have At mile 3 I plan on taking a gu gel or something, hopefully that will help my muscle recovery a little bit.
I am not shooting for a record breaking time. The last 10k I run on the treadmill, I ran it in 58 min 25 seconds...that was without an aggravated shin splint. So, I am just hoping to complete this real 10k in around 1 hr 5 minutes. Just in case I have to stop and walk.

Wish me luck! Hope all of you have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!
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Mark said...

I hope the 10k goes well and that it doesn't aggravate your injury.

Have a happy Halloween :)

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Mark! You too!