Saturday, October 30, 2010

My first 10 k run....

Finished my 10k...55 min 23 sec. Ticked off though. The timing chip for some people was all messed up and they didn't get my time documented in the computer system. Guess the timing company they hired had a computer mess up with the timing chips. I am steaming mad! I finished 1st in my age division...they totally skipped women over 25 to 49 and went right to 50 and over. They are supposed to be fixing it and posting results but I am so disappointed. I p r'd and people slower than me got a medal. Heck, the geriatric runners/walkers, that walked the 5 k portion in over an one hour got a medal. I was so dissapointed and after running my personal best, waiting around for over an hour to get my just recognition....I leave with nothing. I came out to the car crying, because the dissapointment I felt was tremendous. Hubby was ticked too and went back into the building and gave them what for over it..guess my metal is supposed to come in the "mail"...when they get the snafu fixed. It was a messed up race! I don't blame the church, or the people at the church. It was totally the timing company's fault. The overall race was very organized. But, I am sure some people think it is no big deal, especially those that did not run...but for a runner like me, that puts her heart and soul into every run, to have your first 10 k, with a personal record, botched so bad..well, there just are no words to describe how unhappy I am. Even though I know I achieved my personal best and should be very proud, having this snafu happen kind of took the happiness away. Either way, it is what it is. I won't be running this race again.
Have any of you ever ran a chip-timed race and have this happen?
I would like to know. Go figure, any time something happens like that, it usually happens to me.
Anyway, here are my splits;
Mile 1-Mile 3, 27 minutes.
Mile 4-8 minutes
Mile 5 9 minutes
Mile 6 9 min 30 sec
.2 miles-2 min 23 sec.
At least I feel that is about where it was. Hubby stayed with me, following me throughout the course, kept me informed of my time. So, although those splits are "estimated"..they are pretty darn close.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Mark said...

Hey well done on your personal best and being first in your group! :)

Shame that the timing company messed up and that tarnished your experience.

I have never run any organised event, so I have no idea about these chip-timed ones. Do you wear a bracelet or something with a chip in it?

Sicilian said...

Congrats Dix. . . . keep your head up and at least you know you kicked a#@.


Dixiechick said...

Thanks Mark! Yeah, I was pretty bummed. Hopefully my next race experience will be a little better. The chip was a velcro bracelet that strapped around my ankle. Worthless! LOL...

Sicilian..I am so glad to hear from you! Thanks so much! Hey, woman..still can log onto your blog...are you going to keep it private forever?