Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Monday...and race results....

Well, here we are...Monday again. Why is it that the weekends go by so very quickly and the work weeks go by at a snails pace? Mmmpphhh! After the race on Saturday....I relaxed for awhile, worked on calming myself down on the race let down. Then showered, dressed and hubby took me out for an early dinner. We stopped by the grocery and then the liquor store, came home, drank some wine and watched The Omen....I ended up falling asleep before it was over. We ended up in bed around midnight. Big Halloween partiers we are. LOL

Sunday, slept in till around 9 a.m., got up drank some coffee and just chilled for awhile. Then, did about an hours worth of housework, got dressed and we went out to eat again. Nothing specatuclar..just a local brewery here in Lafayette, then came home and laid around on the couch...we had a few trick or treaters...around a dozen or so I guess. By 8 p.m., the porch light was off and we turned off the lights in the living room. Watched a little t.v. and I was in bed by 10 pm.

I checked the race results online today and they were posted. Along with an apology from the church that organized the race. My medal definitely should be coming in the mail. If it doesn't hubby said he is still going to have one made for me, because I deserved something for the great job I did and for running the race. He is so sweet!
Here are a couple pictures of the race. Hubby doesn't like to use my camera, so there really isn't any good shots.

(Totally a terrible pic-so not my best side!)Me before the race...Man was it windy out..and freaking cold! I was still really sleepy and actually, dreading the race because of the cold.

(Click to make larger)...Mile 4...35 minutes into the race. This was after I took a kicked in right away! I started to warm up and was actually feeling pretty good at this point.

I am looking forward to running my next race. It probably won't be this one...or one this year. I don't like the, I am already looking forward to next Spring. Who knows, maybe I will run the Indy Mini-Marathon...

5 k done...10 k done...that is next in line. 13.1 miles here I come!

Have a great week everyone!


Mark said...

Running in the cold is so depressing. This time of year it starts to get uncomfortable and the worst weather is yet to come! :(

Glad to here that the race debacle has been cleared up. One way or another you'll get your medal :)

Sicilian said...

Girl you are so skinny. . . . not an ounce of fat on you. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Dixiechick said...

Mark...yes, I hate the cold. Saturday's 10k was the last outside run I will probably have till next Spring. We are supposed to get snow this Friday here. Not running in that! LOL...

Sicilian....I am very proud of it. Can't wait to run another race. Miss your blogging!