Monday, November 1, 2010

Eating Some Humble Pie....

I am sitting here tonight, with tears in my eyes......A couple post ago, I spoke about my 10k, how upset I was over the outcome of it. I did state I didn't find the church or the people of the church at fault for how messed up things got...I really didn't....anyway, as I said, I just got an unexpected visitor...the couple responsible for the organization of the race, Tennille and her companion (husband?), just knocked on my door, with my race medal and a dozen red roses...I am speechless. That someone would be so kind, as to go out of their way, to do something like that for me..well, it makes me feel bad that I thought so negatively about the race. It really lifted me up and made my night.
I would love to take a picture and show few little readers, but I lost my camera tonight. I also found out today that I didn't come in first place like I thought I did. There was another female runner, 41 years old that came in before me by a few minutes. So, even though I didn't get first place....I am in just as good a place, even with second. Since the race times were so off, it was hard to tell the day of the race. I was certain the woman in front of me was much older than I, but she wasn't...and that's ok. She did her best as I did mine. I am proud of where I came in and now, even more so....Tennille, if you found my blog, that is how you found me, then thank you! From the bottom of my heart! You are a special person to do what you did and I know that organizing and being in charge of that race was a huge responsibility...just know that I thought you did an amazing job! What happened was in no way your fault.
You humbled me and restored my faith that there are still good people in this world. God bless you Tennille! I will be there to run that race again next year.


Mark said...

That's a sweet thing for them to have done :)

Dixiechick said...

Mark, yes it was....still surprised over it actually.