Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tap...Tap...Tap...Is this thing on????

Hello (echo, echo, echo), Hello (echo, echo, echo)

Excuse me while I knock some of these cob webs down....

Wow...another week gone by? At this rate, I am going to wake up and find out I am 95 years old or something...geez....

I am so busy, time seems to be getting away from me....I am still reading all of my favorite blogs, just not a lot to write about regarding my life...all of you other bloggers out there put me to interesting, so you all!!

For those few of you that are still in the audience...I will fill you in on my past week or so.

Monday-Friday-work from 8 till 5......busy time of the year, so that is a good thing...the days go by pretty fast.

Evenings after work-hi, ho...hi,'s off to the gym I go....My weight lifting has been down, but my running has went up...I am averaging a little over 20 miles a week....should close in to that 700 plus miles for the doubt in my mind. That feeling of accomplishment is awesome.

Last weekend, the kiddos were gone and the hubby and I had a friend visit...he drove in from out of town, so we hung out and went to a red neck bar on Friday night, which was awesome....always fun to people watch at those type of establishments....especially the drunker people, live band and they weren't too bad..but, for the life of me...don't really remember there name...oh, well.
Saturday, we picked our friend up for lunch and afterwards we went back to his hotel to swim, sit out on the patio and drink some wine...(for me), beer for the men...well, for our hubby doesn't really drink...we weren't supposed to have drinks or food out near the pool, but no one else was around, so our buddy snuck some stuff down from his room..the temps outside were awesome, so we lounged around for awhile, drinking and telling funny "life" stories....then we left to go home for awhile, as we had more plans for later that evening. We rested for awhile, then dressed and drove back into town to pick up our friend and then headed to Indianapolis to go to a club there. The club we went to is a mixed crowd of people..from straight to gay, and I must say it is the most fun club around...very techno, cooly decorated and the dance floor was hopping...we had such an awesome time...sad to see the night end...but, at around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, I was finally home and in bed...even though I was dead tired the next day, I still managed to get a 4 mile run in..probably the last hot day we are going to have for the year.
Then I spent my afternoon, having a nice leisurely lunch with hubby at Applebee's and then came home and spent 4 hours cleaning house, while the hubby did the 2 hour turn around drive to pick up the kiddos.

Now, here we are..almost at the end of this week....tomorrow is Friday and I have no major plans for this weekend. I was sick Monday evening and called of work on Tuesday, so I didn't work out either day...ran 4.6 miles last night and I plan on some gym time tonight...another 4 miler...and some leg and ab work. Got to get some strength training in on my legs..because...I have signed up for a 10k run on October 30th....I am super excited, but very scared....I have been having a lot of trouble on my runs lately....feeling tired/sluggish, ankles weak, shins hurt, knees hurt, hips hurt, butt hurts...not sure what is going on...but running 5 miles or more is becoming extremely hard..maybe it's because I'm 40 now, you think? Anyway...I have to get my butt in gear...I would love to work on my speed over the next couple of weeks, try to finish this 10k in around 1 hr 5 worst...1 hr 15 minutes...(that would be with some walking)....and I don't want to all...although, there is nothing wrong with that if you need to.

I have to pick up the 16 year old this weekend...not sure if any of you remember from previous posts, but a little over a month ago, he got a concussion while playing football (he plays center and defensive tackle), so it was pretty serious..he is recovering ok, but no football for the rest of the season..even though he isn't playing, he still has to go to practice and to the, looks like I may not be picking him up until Saturday morning, which throws off my entire weekend...I would rather get him tomorrow night, freeing up my Saturday to not have to do the 2 hour drive....but, that is probably what I will have to do.
I also want to get in a 6 mile run Saturday and a weights sesh as the gym...the little kids want to go to Exploration Acres (see link):

They have corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin picking, a corn shooting cannon, all kinds of good fall fun, so we may do that Saturday evening...if we do, I will be sure to take pictures...

Have a great rest of the week everyone and a terrific weekend! Go out and celebrate is finally here!


Mark said...

Don't worry about stepping back from blogging. A few people have done that recently, myself included. You haven't missed much :)

Glad you had fun at the club. You really can't beat good dance music and a packed dance floor!

Rapunzel said...

Welcome back! :)

That Explorations Acres place looks really cool, makes me wish we had "real" Autumn here.

Dixiechick said...

Mark....thanks! Yeah, not worried too much. The club was a to go out every once in awhile and pretend you are still

Rapunzel...thanks sweetie! Yes, Eploration Acres is a cool place. Near where we live and everytime we drive by, they are packed with cars! Kind of like the Roloff's farm on Little People, Big World....Loved your post about New York! So jealous...would love to go there.

Have a great weekend!