Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy and Bored...Lost my mojo?

Sorry for no posts in the past week. I have been extremely busy here at work..and I am bored with has kind of taken a back seat for me...I just don't have it in me most days to come up with a post worthy of putting out there...I don't have many readers any, what difference does it make, at least that is how I feel. I have no worthy occurrences going on in my day to day life that warrant putting a post up...

Without a doubt....I have lost my mojo...anybody care to help me find out? Seriously...I remember when I started this blog...I wouldn't let a day go by without a post...but, I found fitness...I started living healthier and by the time I work all day, which has been extremely busy, and then work out in the evening, get home and take care of my family and household responsibilities...well, I am computer time for me. That is the last thing I want or have time to do.

I know bloggers go through spurts...we all do it, I have read it on other blogs as, I hope my mojo will the meantime...check out all the wonderful bloggers on my blogroll...maybe they will not be as disappointing as me.

Catch ya later!


Mark said...

I think you're approach is the right one. If you have something to say, say it. If not, no big deal. I get the impression that some people feel obligated to post and are struck by guilt when they don't.

I am of the opinion that blogging should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. Still, I do get a little tense if I go extended periods of time without updating. Wouldn't want to lose my three or so readers :p

TinaM said...

I agree, just blog when you want to.

It was something that you once loved, and maybe helped you in some way. If it isn't anymore, or feels like a chore, then don't do it!
Maybe you'll get your mojo back :)
Or maybe blogging has done what it was supposed to and you don't need it anymore. Just do what's right for you :)

BUT if you do decide to stop blogging, make sure you say goodbye. You may have more readers than you think, that just don't comment. (I HATE when a blog I'm following just disapears!!! LOL)