Monday, November 29, 2010

Food you still have one?

Well, here we are...the Monday after Thanksgiving....and I am still feeling sluggish and out of sorts. I had 4 lovely days off with my family and coming back to work is hard!

Know what else is hard...hard to believe that Christmas is only 26 days away! I have not put up my tree or started shopping. Hosting and cooking Thanksgiving totally kicked my bootie...I need a week or so to recover. I said, I cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner. My turkey turned out to be the best one I have ever cooked! It was amazing...check it out:

That isn't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of food we had. I sent a lot home with my two older boys and the in-laws, but we continued to eat it into the weekend. It is all gone as of today.
It was wonderful having all four of my sons with me for turkey day...the only downside was that I was so busy cooking/cleaning, I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them.

Some Thanksgiving day pictures: oldest...isn't he quite the handsome man? I sure don't get to see him that much, each time I do, it amazes me how grown up he has become.

Justin...the picture is kind of camera sucks..but, man, he doesn't get a homecooked meal like this very often, so he was in Yes, he is very handsome too! I am so proud of what a wonderful young man he has become!

The Mother-in-law and Max...poor mominlaw...she looks like a deer caught in the headlights...I am terrible at taking pictures...or it may just be the camera.

Anyway, I got distracted and didn't get anymore photos..of Aaron, nor a decent one of hubby and his Dad...I hate that!

Anyway, we all had a wonderful day and I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with the family...

The only other downside of the entire holiday...I gained 5 freaking lbs...seriously. I woke up Weds, at my normal weight and by Saturday morning, I was up 5 lbs. I did go to the gym for an hour of cardio Friday night and then again on Saturday for 2 hours. Along with healthy eating for the rest of the weekend, I managed to lose 4 of the 5 lbs I gained by this morning.
This holiday weight gain stuff is no joke. It's all good though. You mess up, get right back on the wagon and don't let one holiday dinner/weekend make you want to throw in the entire towel.

I am going for my first spin class tonight. I heard they kick ass! So, wish me luck...

Hope all of you had as wonderful a holiday as my family and I did.


TinaM said...

Looks like you had a great thanksgiving with your family. Thanks for sharing the pics!
I love that Food Coma one. I may steal it if that's ok with you :)

Good luck with the spin class!

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Tina..I did. Yes, you may use the "food coma"