Monday, November 22, 2010

It May be Monday....

But it is a short work week! So, whoo hoo! Here is to only working 3 days this week!

So, how was everyone's weekend? Mine, well..rather uneventful I must say. I worked out Friday night. I managed to run 4.5 miles and my leg only smarted a little bit. I then did a full upper body workout and abs, called it a night and got the heck out of there..I mean, 2 plus hours of working out, on a Friday...more than enough! I stopped and picked up my after work-out salad from Chick fil was a madhouse. Seriously, you would have thought that was the only place to get food on a Friday night in this town. I order the Chargrilled Southwest Salad,every time..most of the people that work in there know me and before I have never had a problem. It was so chaotic in there, I of course got my order mixed up. The girl that took my order heard chargrilled only and therefore gave me the wrong salad. So, again, I had to wait and wait to get the correct. For that snafu..they ended up giving me both salads for the price of one. Score!
Afterwards, I had to stop by WalGreens for some make-up and toiletries...didn't want to be bothered with that task but if I wanted to wash off the stink, had to get some body wash...
After Walgreens, I zipped toward home..but not before I made a quick stop at the liquor store for some of my favorite wine.
Once home, I showered and ate, then relaxed with a Netflix movie, since hubby had to go to work. I watched this:

I really enjoyed it! This was the second Meryl Streep movie I have seen this month that totally held my attention. Usually, I can almost always be counted upon to fall asleep before a movie is over. But this one, it was good. I love to cook too, so it was really interesting to watch. I would recommend this movie if you haven't ever seen it. Maybe to watch with a girlfriend, other foodie or by yourself. Your hubby or significant other might not care for it.
After the movie, I went to bed and didn't sleep so soundly. Must have been the wine.
Saturday...had a hard time getting motivated. Lazed around with some magazines and coffee for most of the morning..then finally showered and dressed and went to get myself a pedicure. Also had to stop by Walmart for an exchange. I loathe that store. It is always crowded and you can never have a quick check out. Anyway, after that I headed home to pick up the hubby and we came back into town again for a late lunch. Then some shopping at the mall. I have a pair of jeans on layway at the Buckle and I had to make my payment on those, while there, I scored a couple of cute long sleeve t-shirts from Wet Seal.
We came home to relax for awhile, before dressing and heading to Indianapolis to meet a friend. It was a pretty boring time and I was so grateful to leave and get home.

Before I knew it, Sunday was upon us! I wanted to get to the gym, but I piddled around the house too long (planning Thanksgiving menu and making a grocery list) and we found ourselves almost out of time. Hubby had to leave soon to get the little boys at his Mother's and I needed to go to the grocery. I had made my list for dinner that night as well as Thanksgiving and I just wanted to get it over with. Hubby went with me and 30 minutes later we were done and headed back home.

I now have my Turkey defrosting in the fridge and half of my list completed. I will have to go back to the store Tuesday evening to finish it out, then let the cooking for the feast of 2010 commence. I am not looking forward to all the work. I am making my coconut cake tonight. Tomorrow evening I wont' have the chance to cook, as I have to take Max to the doctor after work, then to the store to finish up. So, Wednesday evening, after I get off of work, you will find little ol' Dixie cooking and baking her heart out. I won't be able to stop until dinner is on the table Thursday afternoon.
With being so busy, I will not have a chance to go to the gym, except for tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I so wish I could be a stay at home is quite overwhelming to have all of this to do and have to work on top of it. I am starting to feel the pressure and I don't like it. Oh, is only once a year and I am thankful that I am able to cook this meal and for my family.

Love to you all and hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and friends...

(Just make sure you pick the right


Rapunzel said...

I enjoyed that film as well, very cute and inspired me to try some new things in the kitchen! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dixiechick said...

Hi, Rapunzel...hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!