Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slacker.....I should win an award in that category.

Wow, where the heck does time go? I know it has been over 2 weeks since my last post. Why? I don't really know...just haven't felt like it...same old same old story, huh? So much for trying to do better in the New Year.

I am so over winter...I think that has a lot to do with it. The doldrums/winter blues are seriously having an effect on me...I don't want to do anything. Still struggling on the exercise front...3 days a week..seems that is all I can muster. I really need to kick it into gear though...we are planning a family vacation for Spring Break and are going to S.C. and then to Florida. If I am going to pull off the bathing suit thing, without too much embarrassment, I have got to get back to the 25 miles a week I was running and the weight lifting...I have gotten soft and mushy...I was so ripped last summer and taking almost 2 plus months off from the weights, well you can tell...I feel like a limp noodle. LOL...

The family is all doing ok...well, except for the hubby. He was diagnosed a couple weeks ago with congestive heart failure. His lower extremities have become very swollen, especially his ankles and legs...I am very worried about him. He has got to lose some weight..change his eating habits and follow an exercise program. I am very frustrated and very worried...he says he can't work out, for one..because of the, we have got to get that under control. Along with changes to his diet...eventually, I am hoping we can turn this thing around.

As I stated, I am back to life once again is busy. I enjoyed my time off....I could so be a "kept" woman....alas, I will never have the joy of knowing what that is like...we have to have my, I will work until I am 80 years old...if I live that long. I am just thankful I have a, I can't complain too much.

My kids are all doing good. The oldest is still doing well in college, sophmore year and he is starting to get a little burned out...juggling 2 jobs, school work, social life, the stress of paying his own bills...well, it worries me. I wish I had more money to give him, to help is tough putting your own self through school and I feel like I have failed him and let him down by not having money put back for college. I wish I had planned more effectively for my kids, to ensure their college education, but 2 divorces, and screwing up financially...well, I was unable to do it. I just hope Tim hangs in there, keeps it up and graduates. I am so very proud of him. If he graduates, with his degree in Sports Medicine, he will be the first person in our family to graduate from College.

Justin, the 16 year old, who is turning 17 next Tuesday...well, that kid is amazing...he is also working a part-time job, still in football, and all that entails, makes the honor roll, etc...he is doing so well and I couldn't be more proud of him either. I can't believe he is going to be 17...I am getting freaking old!

The two younger kids, well...they are a hand full...always bickering, as younger siblings are prone to do....winter time and being cooped up indoors is wearing thin with them as well..the fights over the x-box are driving me mad...can't wait until Spring, to get them outside, riding their bikes and playing with their friends. They are doing well in school....given the fact they both have ADD (AAron) and ADHD (Max)...I don't know if they will make the honor roll every time, but as long as they maintain their a/b and one or two c's...I will be happy. It has been a long rough road the past few years with them and their schooling...and I am proud of the success they have achieved...just pray I can keep them focused and doing well. far as updates go...this is the best I can do. We are leaving for Sunday brunch...hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and a terrific week next week.



Sicilian said...

Don't beat yourself up about college and kids. I was the first person who graduated with a 4 year degree in my family. I worked 3 jobs and bought a car. My mom and dad had to help me my last semester with $600.00.
My oldest daughter was entering her first year of college when her dad and I were divorcing. I couldn't do anything to help her. I couldn't do anything to help her or her sister 4 years later. Both graduated, both make 2 and 3 times what I make. It doesn't kill a kid to work through college. I guarantee that your son doesn't miss class and mess around because he is paying for it.

You are doing the best you can. Don't beat yourself up so much.

Dixiechick said...

Thanks, Sicilian..I always appreciate and take to heart your advise. You are the best!