Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, yes....yes I did....

The above picture...well, that would be the number of miles I ran last night..it was, without a doubt, awesome! I had planned on 4 miles, but at mile 4, I was really feeling it, so I thought, I can do one more, well t hat one more turned into 6 more. Needless to say, I did have to stop and walk a few times, for a minute or so....but, that's ok. I still did it and did it in one hour and 40 minutes, total calories burned 1186....Hell, yeah! I know without a doubt that I am going to ace that half marathon come May 29th.

As far as strength training goes...I still suck at that. I just can't get my groove back in that area. I went to Target Sunday to buy the 30 day shred and they were all out. Everyone was grumpy and tired Sunday and wanted to go home, so I didn't go anywhere else. I hope to pick it up today after work. I had planned on a 3 miler and some strength training to day, but my legs are really sore. So, I think I will rest..the hubby doesn't want me going to the gym after work anyway...tough on him to stay home with the kids while I do that. Another reason my workouts have been scarce. Maybe I just need to toughen up and pick up the outside runs again. But, dang...it is so hard...especially when the temps are like -8 with the windchill. I hate the cold!

So, my workouts will be Weds, Friday and hopefully again over the upcoming weekend.

Take care and have a good Tuesday everyone!

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