Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Call Me The Roadrunner......

If anyone recalls, awhile back, I posted that I am running my first half-marathon on May 29th. My first day of training started yesterday. It called for just stretching and strength-training...but, I can't go to the gym and not run. So, I lifted/strectched for an hour and then ran 4 miles. It was just an average run, with a little .25 mile recovery walk thrown in there.

Today, on the other hand, the schedule called for a 3 mile run. I went to the gym at lunch time, under pressure, to get in and get out. I ran the fastest I have ever run in my life.

3.2 miles in 28 min and 20 seconds.

The first mile, just a warm up mile...9 min 30 sec.
The second mile, I kicked it up a notch...8 min and 40 sec
The second mile, I became the roadrunner....8 min and 20 sec..
The final .2 miles 2 min, with a brief cool down walk in there for good measure.

Awesome! Feels so good to have it out of the way and my evening, after work, free....well, as free as it can be with hubby and the kids at home, needing my attention. But, I love them..so that's ok.

Hang in there, Hump day is tomorrow!

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