Monday, March 7, 2011

Stuck in a rut....

Just like the artist in the cartoon...I too am stuck in a rut. When it comes to blogging, I can pretty much take it or leave it some days. My post tend to range on a the verge of a boring re run on t.v....wash, rinse and repeat. So...what do I do? Avoid blogger at all cost.
After no post for a couple of weeks...just thought I would let the two people that still read this boring diatribe know I am in fact, still alive and kicking.

I have been working out like a mad woman for the past two weeks. 5 days a week. Body pump twice a week, weight lifting on my own once a week and running 5 days a week. Plus, it is becoming our busiest time at work, then throw in home life...there is really no blog worthy material.

I did switch gyms...and I am finding I am liking the new one more and more. I believe it was a good call.

Other than that, we are planning a trip to South Carolina and Florida....leaving in less then 3 weeks and the family and I can not wait. We are literally counting down the days.

This past weekend, I had three of my four boys with me. Of course, I always have the youngest two, but Justin, the 17 year old, drove up to spend the weekend with us. We hung out, went out to eat and also went and seen the new movie was hilarious, although, some of the humor was more "adult oriented"....thus the PG rating. I have read some reviews this morning where some parents found it very offensive, and others not so, well I was on the not so much side. I have four boys, crude humor exists in our lives every day. I gave a five out of five and would watch it again.

Sunday, we went for brunch at Bob Evans and then to the grocery. I came home and made a huge stock pot of corn was rather disappointing....I blame on the recipe. I doubled it and there was just too much corn in it. And the amount of heavy cream...a caloric nightmare. I only ate a small portion, as did the hubby and kids, then I froze the rest. It will probably get pitched..oh, well.

Here's to a speedy work week and a long relaxing upcoming weekend.

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