Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still here....but nothing to say.

I'm still hanging around, for those of you that may be wondering. Just been busy, working, living life and training for my half-marathon. I am so tired from all of the above, I hardly ever feel like being on the computer, little long making a blog post. I seriously have no readers anymore, so it doesn't really matter I guess. I am so far behind on my blogroll reading, that I feel like just deleting the whole thing. I have found so many new health and fitness blogs I have been reading, that I really have lost touch with what's going on with all the "old" blogs on my reading list.

I also never get on face book anymore. I just don't care about that kind of stuff any longer. I find it boring, tedious, and a waste of my time.

So, where does this blog go from here? I really dont' know. My posts, or time between will probably not get any better, as I have no interest any longer. I will still keep this blog, but will only post when something worthy happens, for my memory book.

Later Gators.


Sicilian said...

I'm still here Dix.

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Sicilian....Miss reading you. Never have been able to access your blog since you went private. Hope all is well with you!