Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey...

Long time no blogging, my friends....How is everyone doing? Things are still just as crazy and hectic as ever in my life right now...3 weeks left in my half Marathon training....I am getting nervous about the whole thing. My last long run of 10 miles was difficult, then Sunday, I ran a 15 k....yes, on Mother's day! LOL....I am woman, hear me roar....I kicked butt on it, but I have noticed my legs were starting to feel really heavy and achy during my runs...upon completion of my 15 k, I was taking off my shoes and noticed a tear on the right side....I had literally blown out my, today, I went to Dicks and bought a brand new pair of Asics gel running shoes. I can't wait to try them out on my 5 mile run tomorrow...hopefully they will improve the way my legs feel when I run.

I hope all of you Mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's day...I did! My 17 year old send me a beautiful necklace in the mail...a diamond and sapphire pendent that he bought from Osterman Jewelers..I was so flattered and impressed that he spent his hard earned money on something so pricey for me. It is beautiful and I love it! Hubby bought me some clothes and took me out for dinner. (Also, my new running shoes are part of my Mothers day).....I didn't have any of my kids with me this Mothers Day until Sunday evening, but it was nice.

I didn't get any relaxing done at all this past weekend....I was on the go constantly.
Friday night after work, I rushed home to get ready to go out for dinner with the hubby. We didnt' get home until late, he had to go to work, I was in bed early because I had to work Saturday morning for a few hours. Then afer work, I rushed home to pick up the husband, then headed back into town to pay some bills, do some shopping. Then home to get ready for a big family youngest son, Maxwell, was having his first Communion....we were very excited for him. He was with Grandma so we had an hour drive to Rockville to the church he was receiving communion at.

Here are some pictures:

Max, in his first "real grown-up" suit...he was quite dapper. This was before we left for the church.

Max was called up by Father Joe to stand with him while he performed the Eucharist.

Max...receiving his First Communion.

Afterwards, at Grandma's with his Celebration Cake...He was so we were of him!

It was a late evening and we were very late getting home. Hubby has been working non-stop, 7 days a week, for quite a few weeks, and he had to get to work..and again, I went straight to get up on Sunday, run 9.3 miles, then go for a late lunch with the calls from my boys with Mother's Day wishes, a call to my Mom's, then a trip again down to Rockville to pick up the younger two boys. of today, Monday...I feel like the weekend went by in a blur. I have Body Pump tonight, 2 5 mile runs this week, a 4.5 mile run and my long run on Sunday of 11 a trip to Terre Haute on Saturday for my 17 year olds Junior Prom send off and pictures. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it. Hope you all have a great week! Mine is once again, going to be a doozy!

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Sicilian said...

I'm so happy your son recognized you with a beautiful necklace. You should be very proud.
Keep on blogging Dix. . . . it will be the only time you actually sit down.