Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Monday already????

Yeah...what he said!!
Where does the weekend go? I know I shouldn't be complaining...I did have a three day weekend, so to speak...but still, Mondays Suck! I have a feeling it is going to be a long week. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was all read in my previous post about my Friday night....Saturday was spent resting...all day. Then hubster and I went for an early dinner, to Pepe' of my favorite places to eat. I love me some chicken enchilads with a nice big was great. We came home, got dressed up, went to our club we go to...and no, when I say dressed up, not in a Halloween costume...hubster just wouldn't do it....everyone else was dressed up though...we seen some really cool costumes. Some friends of ours won first prize for couples...they went as a beheaded Marie Antoinnette and her executioner...totally cool costume..we seen everything from Dog the Bounty Hunter/Beth to Alice Cooper and Kiss....lot's of awesome costumes. Next year, I am going to buy our costumes in August/September, so that we have them and hubster will have absolutely no excuse not to participate...we missed out on a lot of fun/prizes by not doing so. We didn't get home until 3 a.m. Sunday, once again, we rested most of the the late afternoon, we went to the coffee shoppe for a little while, then had dinner at Sphageddies....wonderful food, wonderful wine...spent the evening watching the first season of Lost....I am so totally hooked on that show. Can't wait to finish the season, start on the next one..
Now....let's talk about
Desperate Housewives....
I was a little disappointed in last nights was rather boring. The entire episode was centered around the ridiculous sculpture that Bob and Lee put in their front yard...I have to agree that it was atrocious....but to use it for the plot of the show...boring! The whole Kathryn/Lynette thing was silly....interesting that Bob and Lee found out Kathryns secret...stopped her in her tracks..Gabrille/Carlos storyline is losing it's interest for me as well....although Edie did find out..which means next week looks like it could be a little more interesting...don't know, guess we will find out.
Remember tonight....Dancing with the Stars....8 P.M...CBS...I sure hope I get to see it. I have to pick up kids this evening, so I am going to be pushing it to get home in time...but, I am going to do my best. Never fear though...I will still do my recap tomorrow sometime...


Nap Warden said...

Do we know what whats'ername's secret is???

Angry Julie said...

What is the secret?

I tried to watch Desperate Housewives at home this morning, but I feel asleep. That's what happens when you get home at 4am.

I then just tried to watch it at work, and I can't load the plug-in because of their firewalls!!!


I have no idea what her secret is..I think she killed someone..but then again...the guys were referring to her husband and the hospital where he used to, it has me stumped....angry julie..I don't think you really missed that much...wasn't that great of an week is going to be much better...sorry you got home so late...were you working?

Daddy Forever said...

It's been very hectic the last several days for me. I hope this week goes better for the both of us.