Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol...Season 5 recap....

Wow...we are already down to the top 5....who is going to make it through and who will be going home? Last night, the performers were mentored by Neil Diamond and his songs were the songs of choice. Each performer had to sing two songs....

First up...Jason Castro...singing "Forever in Blue Jeans"...

I thought, as usual it was a tad boring. No change there...

The judges didn't really comment too much on the first song choices by any of the contestants...Paula did make a major flub up....I swear she was high on something...Simon gave her a look that could kill. Paula basically cast doubt on American Idol by screwing up in a major way. When Ryan asked the judges for their thoughts on the contestants first performances, Paula not only gave her thoughts on Jason’s first song but also his second song, which hadn’t been aired yet. Even Randy, Ryan and Simon attempted to cover the mistake up but it didn’t matter, the cat was out of the bag, judges comments are “pre-written” based on rehearsal and now the whole world knows this fact. She has lost her ever loving mind...and I am sure, after the show, she got her butt reamed!

Moving on to Jason's actual second song choice.."September Morn"...

Here are the judges thoughts on his second performance....

Randy~That was just OK...again, not your best.

Paula~It was too safe, you need to venture out of your comfort zone.

Simon~This is not the Jason we put through. You struggled through both performances.

Dixie~I think Jason is as tired of Idol as I am of him. He has no passion in his singing and has become quite boring. He seems nice enough, but in my opinion, he is not worthy enough to continue on. He should have been gone a long time ago. Carly and Michael Johns were much more talented...oh, he needs to lose the dreads...they just look nasty!

I give him two out of three stars for both performances.

David Cooks first song choice "I'm Alive" was excellent....

His second song choice, "All I Ever Really Need Is You" was even better.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~You rocked the house, dude....I am a huge fan!

Paula~I am very proud of you and I feel like I am looking at the next American Idol.

Simon~That was brilliant!

Dixie~In my opinion, he is awesome! He is original, he is well-spoken and he takes each and every song and totally makes them his own. He is very mature, unlike Archie....and definitely has what it takes to represent American Idol. I don't know if any of you know this or not, but he used to be the lead singer for a band called "Axium"...they released 2 Cd's..."Blindsided" and "The Story Thus Far"~I look forward to his winning this competition and seeing what new, brilliant stuff he can bring to the music industry...Rock on David!

I gave him five out of five stars for both performances!

Brooke White sang "I'm A Believer" for her first song choice...

I thought she did OK, but definitely not her best.

Her second song choice, "I Am I Said"..was much, much better.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Nice job.

Paula~Everyone loves you and it works.

Simon~I really hated the first song...but, this is the Brooke we like.

Dixie~Nice job with the second song. I'm totally in agreement with Simon. This is the Brooke we like...behind the piano..she is much more natural and feeling with her song choices. She is truly a breath of fresh air. But, I don't think she is going to make it much further....she is just a little too wholesome for some. I gave her three stars for her first song, four stars for her second song. I do believe she may be going home tonight.

David Archuletta's first song choice "Sweet Caroline"....

I love this song, but I did not like Davids performance of it...he blew it in my opinion.

His second song choice, "America"...was a little better. I still do not understand what the hell is the big deal about this kid...he has talent, yes..but, I just don't get him...

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~You are in the zone, another good performance.

Paula~Your voice is totally on point.

Simon~Smart choice of song.

Dixie~He has what it takes, but his age and maturity level may keep him from winning. The only thing keeping him in, just like with Jason, is the teenage popularity is out of hand. I can say, he hits the high notes fantastically, he definitely feels what he is singing. He just needs to try some upbeat, hip younger sounding songs..the ones he chooses to sing are too old fashioned for such a young kid. Furthermore...his humbleness, is killing me! Lighten up a little bit.
I give him three out of five stars for the first performance, four out of five for the second.

Syesha Mercado chose "Hello Again" for her first song choice.

She sounded great, she looked great...girl has come a long long way.

Her second song choice...."Thank The Lord For The Night Time"...
was very very good....I think she has totally found her niche and is working it for all it's worth...good job~

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~You have finally found who you are...that was in the zone.

Paula~(she just rambled..not sure what her comments were)...cue twighlight zone music.

Simon~You are a very good actress/singer. But...I think you may be in trouble tonight.

Dixie~ (Simon-What????) I think he's smoking whatever Paula I said before, I think Syesha has come a long way...unfortunately, not far enough to win Idol. I believe she did great tonight, as well as last week. Overall, she is better than Fantasia ever was/is....If she doesn't get some sort of recording contract..I can see her heading to broadway as the singer/actress Simon said she was.
I gave her four out of five stars for both songs. far as who is going to be voted off? That is anybody's week, is the anniversary of the shocking Daughtry elimination....that means anything can happen. My guess is Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom two and Brooke will be going home. I would love to see Jason go though.

Who do you want to see go home? Tune in for the elimination show tonight.



the planet of janet said...

i'm tolerating brooke, but if jason doesn't go home tonight, i swear i'm boycotting.


Motor City Monk said...

I also think Jason's going home. Syesha and David Cooke should be in the final 2.

I gotta disagree with you on the Paula thing - I taped it last night so I read about it first then watched it. She did fuck up but not the way you think. At the start of the show Ryan said they were going to be judged at the end of their 2nd song. He switched it up after they all completed their first song and went straight to Randy to recap all 5. You can see Paula fumbling through her notes at this point trying to figure out what she wrote down but when they got to her she was totally lost and unprepared. She was definitely confused and looked like a total fool by not remembering that the singers hadn't yet performed their 2nd songs. The producers ought to know better than to change the format, especially when you're dealing with someone who's not all there.


Janet..yeah, I hope Jason goes as well.

Monk...I guess I don't understand what you mean....guess the source I got my info from was wrong....doesn't matter...regardless, she did fuck up as usual.

Motor City Monk said...

All I'm saying is Paula's fuckup didn't appear to me to be due to judges comments are “pre-written” based on rehearsal but more likely due to too many meds and her being nervous cuz they switched up the routine on her. Either way, she a big LOSER.

Sandy Kessler said...

Paula pain meds again or just drugs hahaha


Monk..oh, I get ya now..yeah, you are probably right. I found that info about pre scripted comments online somewhere...I just figured it was right and she was on is definitely whacked out of her mind.

Sandy..honey, I don't know for sure, but I am thinking, from what I have read and heard, a combination of pain meds and alcohol.