Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Nashville Weekend....

Was a bust...I mean we had a good time...but the reason we went, to go back to Menage's...wasn't so impressive this time around. The crowd was very low, majority of people didn't seem interested in getting to know anyone else. Everyone pretty much stuck close to the person they came with...so, we actually left early.
We just weren't feeling it, you know? I did have fun, dancing, drinking some wine and flirting my little tale off! I got lots of attention in that respect and it was a huge boost to my ego.
It was nice to get away...crossing over a couple of states actually feels like a mini vacation. We try to find fun in everything...hubby kept me laughing the entire trip there and back.
We got a late start Friday afternoon...the trip usually takes us about 7 hours..but for some reason, this time around...it took a little longer...I felt like we were driving forever.
We did make a couple of stops along the way...we stopped at Applebee's for dinner...later on, of course..we had to stop at Wal-Mart...what kind of a trip would it be without that?
In the parking lot....we seen this...I couldn't help but laugh my ass off!

A tractor...pulling a half camper...I guess that is what that was.....

Do you guys know what state I seen that in?

A.) Indiana
B.) Kentucky
C.) Tennessee

Moving on....we got to our hotel around 11 p.m...I did most of the driving, hubby has narcolepsy so bad..he can't drive for more than fifteen minutes without getting drowsy...so, by the time we got to our hotel, I was ready to fall into bed....and only for sleep, mind you...hubby...had other ideas. We did get seperate rooms again...yeah, go ahead and laugh...I am sure some of you are going "What?"..well, if you have been reading and following the saga of my life at all, then you know hubby snores horrifically..and when we travel...we have to get two adjoining rooms..or yours truly would get no sleep, and hubby would be dealing with satan himself, instead of his normal sweet little sexy wife.

Unfortunately..I got sick again during the night...so, I had to call hubby in his room, send him out for some pepto, asprin and 7-up....he came back with all of that, plus some soup...I took the medicine, drank the soup/7-up...I felt better...so, we dressed up and ventured out of our hotel room around noon on Saturday. Of course, we once again went to OpryMills Mall...love that place. I could spend all day there.
We went to this one store, I think it's called the Apple Barn or something like that..anyway, they have the cutest country stuff, as well as all kind of apple products, etc.....they also have a little pastry shoppe where you can buy apple pie, etc..I had the most divine, the most orgasmic tasting apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream...OH MY GOSH....I have not ate anything that fattening, that good in so long...I thought I had died and gone to heaven....if you are in Nashville, you have not been to the mall or in that store...you have got to go try it....it was like going home to Grandma's...hubby had the apple pie....he enjoyed his just as much.

So...later that afternoon...we decided to pay a visit to Nashville's Hustler Store...

I have been in "Adult" stores before, but I must say....Nashville's Hustler store keeps it classy...I loved it. We played around, shopped in there for a half hour or so...I didn't buy anything..although, Hubby pointed out a couple t-shirts for me..but, I'm not really a t-shirt wearing kind of gal...and being a mom of four..I didn't think it would look very nice for me to wear some of the ones he was suggesting.
We went for dinner....no where nice this time around...just to Ruby Tuesday's...so, I could have a salad..after the apple dumplings...I was feeling a little guilty, so I figured, to keep my dieting on track, that I needed to watch my calorie intake for the rest of the day. We went back to our respective rooms and dressed for our evening at the club...Hubby also bought me a bottle of wine..Chataeu St. Michelle Reisling..to take to the club...it was awesome...I only allow myself to have one bottle, every two weeks...to maintain my weight loss...so, being able to drink the wine was nice....after leaving the club...hubby got pulled over by the lovely Nashville police...for drunk driving...lol...he doesn't drink! Had not drank anything...what happened was...he was getting ready to turn onto a one way street, the wrong way! So, I yelled "You can't go that way!"...he swerved right...right into the path of the police officer..so, dude got pulled over and was given a sobriety test....the cop let him/us go....I was scared to death....I had been drinking....he hadn't..I knew they couldn't arrest him...but...to have to take a sobriety test was freaky....I was watching from inside of the car....the cop was doing the shine the light/follow the light test. Hubby later said, the cop asked him if he was drunk, Hubby goes, NO...but your shining that light in my eyes is making me drunk..Good thing hubby doesn't drink..thats all I can say. We went back to our hotel..wrapped up our evening with each other..retired to our seperate rooms.
Sunday...we left around 10:30...stopped in Clarksville, TN for some lunch...and a visit to the Beechhaven winery...then drove (I drove) all the way home...with a brief stop in Terre Haute to pick up my son Aaron....
Yesterday, Monday..at work was extremely busy.....I did get to watch Dancing with the Stars last night, so hopefully that post will be forthcoming...I hope you all had a great weekend....and a great start to your week. We hope to go to Nashville again soon..and Flat/Blissfully Wed..if you guys are reading this....I hope to meet you both on the next go round!


i beati said...

sounds like some good some bad hmnn take the good.. love ya sandy

Blissfully Wed said...

As a Tennessean who is obliged to pick on Kentucky, I'm guessing that you saw that trailer/tractor combo in Kentucky. (I won't be surprised if it was in Tennessee though.)

Come again soon.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Sounds like you had fun, I would love to 'do' Nashville and hopefully will someday as the Hubster loves country music.

LOL at the half-camper, I tell ya I have seen some bizarre things over here and that's defo one of them!

Miss said...

I am so jealous of your weekend away!! Sound like a good time!

Motor City Monk said...

Adjoining rooms sounds like a great idea but I usually just bring along my earplugs. We both snore but my wife usually falls asleep first.

Anonymous said...

OMG I was SOOOOO at Opry Mills Saturday shopping...and probably at the exact time you were there!!! We gotta swap digits again!!!

I love our Hustler store. I'm actually going to stop in there sometime soon since my vibe is trying to quit on me.

The Apple Barn is very orgasmic. I love their apple dumplings a la mode!!

Sorry Menage's wasn't as fun as it normally is. Is it the same thing as TSC? Maybe that's the club next door.

Sicilian said...

It sounds like a great time to reconnect. . . I'm guessing Kentucky for the Wal-Mart trailer. . .

Daddy Forever said...

Sounds like an interesting trip. I can't believe you drove 7+ hours to get there. What a long drive.

Toni said...

I'm guessing Kentucky, too, for the tractor shot.

Hope you have some time to relax after such a busy weekend!

Meg said...

Hey Princess...all in all it sounds like you had a good time...good for you!


Beati...I definitely took the good.

Bliss...yep, Kentucky it was. Henderson I think..

Sarah..you guys ought too..we went downtown to music row and a blast..if you ever do, check out the Travis Mann band...they are awesome.

Miss..it was fun...could have been more fun if there were so many uptight people at the club..but, there's always next time..which I am already looking forward too.

Monk..earplugs don't work for me...does not even begin to mask how bad he snores....therefore, the adjoining rooms...

Flat..I know..too funny! It would have been so wild if we had bumped into one another...definitely next time, it's a date! The Hustler store was fun..I wish I had a camera phone, so I could have snuck some pictures...hubby was hilarious..the tshirts he wanted me to get..priceless. As far as the Apple Barn..you are a girl after my own heart...I will definitely be having more dumplings on my next visit, so if we meet up, we need to go there, m'kay? I don't know what TSC is? Strip club?

Sicilian..yes, it is..really helps our marriage to get away on these little "mini" vacations. Yes, the tractor/trailer was in Kentucky.

Daddio...it was fun. Doesn't really seem that long, usually.

Toni..yep, Kentucky! LOL...This week hasn't been too bad. I have actually found time to blog and relax in the evenings...Max is still with Grandma, so I only have one kid/hubby at home at the moment....which eliminates the kids fighting and working me to death in the evening..I miss the little bugger though...he comes home on Friday, then chaos will resume.

Meg...yes we did..Hubby is already planning our next trip. I think he wants to fly somewhere next time...Florida or Vegas..not sure which.

ajooja said...

I forgot to come back to comment yesterday, and it bothered me all night. Weird.

Anyway, I'm sorry you didn't have the same kind of fun as last time. :(

That trailer wasn't in the parking lot of the club was it? I saw a thing about swingers on HBO that featured this really creepy guy and his wife who took their RV to the clubs so they could have homecourt advantage with the couples they met.

That doesn't sound too bad at first glance but the guy was just so creepy it freaked me out. :)

I couldn't imagine letting that guy do my wife! :D

Anyway, I hope you have better adventures this summer.


Ajooja...wow, that I was on your mind at all last night puts a smile on my face..lol..too funny.
No, the trailer wasn't at the club..it was in a Walmart parking lot, silly. Funny thing though, we were talking to a couple that said they know a guy who brings his motor home sometimes....that would be kind of weird though...you have to sort out the creepy from the cool and go from there. I think we are heading to Ohio on the next weekend get away. We here there are some clubs up that way. Trust me, the adventures for our spring/summer have just begun.