Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You know what gripes my ass? How rude, stuck up and "my shit don't stink" the people I work with are....I am so seriously disliked here it is not even funny. I walk in the door, no one speaks a word, no good morning, no hello, no kiss my ass, nothing...anyone else walks in the door in the morning, everyone speaks...what the hell have I done to these people that they can't say a thing to me when I walk in the morning..I am like the office out cast....and I don't know why! I am so pissed at the silent treatment I continuously get I am seething.

Why do I let it bother me? I don't know...but it does. Just like high school....where you want to fit in...you want to be part of the crowd, but you are not....but at least in high school, I had lots of friends, people spoke to me..here, I just hate it.....the silent treatment is not fun. One bitch in particular, waddles her fat ass around here like she is Queen of the place...she is so perfect and such an ass kisser, I want to vomit....I have been here five years...busted my ass, used to be utilized to fill in when the office manager needed help or was gone....but once miss fat ass started, I for some reason was not utilized to "help" anymore....she is the branch managers favorite, the office managers favorite, and just a couple weeks ago, she won employee of the freaking month...for doing what? Her damned job? Like I said, there have been times, lots of times, in the past five years that I have jumped in, helped out, did the office managers crap, not once have I ever been recognized for my efforts.

Put all that together with the annoyance of Mr. Burns, some days, I honestly feel like crying when I have to come in here to work.

I need to win the lottery....it's the only way out of this hell....

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