Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weekend....

I had an awesome weekend! Tiring as usual..but, overall good. We ate out a lot, didn't do too good on that front. Friday night, was good...Hubby ran to Waveland to meet the ex to pick up Justin..while I stayed home to get myself and the two younger kiddos ready for dinner. We had plans to go to Olive Garden, but once we got there, it was packed. People were lined up outside the door. So, we ended up at Logan's Roadhouse. I had ran 3 miles earlier in the day on my lunch break, only had soup for lunch, so I was starving. But, I was good. I resisted the baked potato and the red meat, opting for Grilled Salmon and seasonal veggies with lo-cal salad. It was very tasty...I also had a glass of Pinot favorite...
The boys were giving me fits though...I don't know what gets into them sometimes, but I had to take Max to the restroom and give him a good talking doesn't help that sometimes hubby instigates stuff with them, then they act out and I have to be the bad guy. Aaron got all weepy, put his head down on the table..crying....over what, I don't know...fine one minute, then the next...he was all upset. It is hard for me to understand him sometimes..I know part of it is the ADD and maybe his medication at times cause's mood swings. I just took him to the doctor for a check up earlier in the week, he is doing great. Then again, he is almost 11 years old, and the preteen era may have begun...the back talking and smart mouth is getting worse...Oh, Dear me if it has. I have a feeling it is going to be difficult.
But, by the time our food was delivered, the kids were laughing and Hubby was cracking jokes with them, the waitress, the bus boys, everyone...I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.
After dinner, I wanted to go to Target..look for a running skirt...(pick up some wine)....we did get a few groceries and I did find a running skirt, actually two. I got a black/white one and a dark pink/light pink one...guess what? They were not to be found in the women's sport clothing section...I found them in the girls little girls...I weigh 108-110 lbs..(it fluctuates), I was able to find them in girls XL size..was a little big (1/2 inch or so) in the waist, but I figured I could make it work. The little girls Lg size was just a wee too short..and the best part of it...$12.99..hell yeah! Can't wait to run in them tonight at the gym.
We got home around 10 pm and once I got the little boys settled, Justin, Hubby and I watched the movie The was a little predictable, a little creepy, but overall, as thriller movies go...I liked it. Justin, my son...not so much. Of course, since Hubby is a step-father himself, he had to crack jokes all the way through it.

Saturday..the day was beautiful...the temps were warm enough that I could finally run outside. I was so excited...I don't really have appropriate running shirts for cool temps, but I made do. I did have a nice pair of running tights I picked up for $2 at, with those, a long sleeve tee and a sweat shirt, I hit the pavement...after mile 2 I started to get really sweaty, so I tied the sweatshirt around my waist, kept on trucking. I ended up running 8 miles and it was GLORIOUS!!!!
Bringing my total miles for the week to 25. That is the most I have ever run in a week...I was so excited.
After my run, I came home, refueled with a banana and a protien shake, then showered and hubby, Max and I ran to town for some groceries. We had plans to grill out, but hubby didn't feel like it and I was wiped out after my run (with all the intervals/hills I tackled, I assume I burned off around 900 or more calories), so...we decided to stop at the mall to look for me a new pair of running shoes...Applebee's is at the mall, hubby wanted to eat there...I called home, talked to Justin, he was agreeable for us to bring them home Chinese take out, so...we ate at Applebee's and that is where my eating for the weekend took a nose dive. I was feeling really weak...from lack of fuel I am sure, so I ordered the Cheeseburger sliders and fries..not a healthy choice at all, but I threw caution to the wind. Afer all, I had just ran 8 miles. I ended up only eating 1 1/2 of the sliders and half the was so good...I also had Applebee's version of a margarita..which came in a martini glass with an olive in it? Who the hell puts an olive in a Margarita...guess Applebee's does.
After dinner, we went to Dick's for shoes, could not make up my mind. I just need a pair temporarily, until I can make it to a real running store (closest one is an hour away in Indianpolis), but I could tell the tread was worn down on my current shoes when I ran my 8 miles, I know they have at least 300 miles on them, and need to be replaced asap. I have really liked ASICS in the past..but, I couldn't make up my mind. The ones I really liked were $129 and to me, that is just way too expensive. Plus, I really want a Garmin so bad. Even a Polar heart rate monitor would be nice. I was going to get one with my tax check, but we had some unexpected, that stuff had to be put on the back burner. I ended up leaving, not buying any shoes. I want to research and try and find the best pair for my money. I would like to keep the price under $75. Anybody have any recommendations?
We left Dicks, picked up Chinese food for the boys, then stopped by the grocery store.
Once we got home, I proceeded to crash. I was so tired, I could not go anymore. Fell asleep watching a movie with the boys. Hubby had to pretty much wake me up and carry me to bed. I promptly fell into the bed and I slept like the dead until 9:30 the next morning. That is when Max woke me up. I got up, did some household chores, then we all dressed and went for Indian food for lunch. Like I said, I ate poorly. I had Chicken Tikki Masala, rice, 3 pieces of Flan, some fried veggies curls(do not know what these are called, but they were yummy) and some kind of green mush stuff, looked like creamed spinach. I have no idea what the calorie count was...but, I was stuffed. I did stop once I felt full. I wanted to go to the bookstore after eating at The Bombay, but Hubby was dead on his feet, wanted to go home for a nap. So, we did...I was able to catch up on some of my magazine reading, before I knew was time to take Justin back to meet up with his Dad.
By that time, it was almost 7 pm, with no working stove (which is a whole other story)...I knew cooking, once again, was not going to happen. I still had homework to work on with Max, so I called hubby, had him call Arni's in Crawfordsville, and order them a pizza...I stopped and picked up a salad for myself...but, couldn't resist a small slice of the pizza.
I had a cup of peppermint/chamomile tea (had to begin the detox process from all the wine I consumed over the weekend) before bed and after prepping for our Monday morning school and work day, I woke Hubby up so he could get ready for work, and I crashed and was out by 10 pm.'s Monday again....I woke up at 6:30 and felt totally disoriented..honestly laid there for another 15 minutes trying to wake myself up. I really hate Mondays and I can't believe that the weekends go by so fast. I really wanted to make it to the gym for an extra session of strength training over the weekend, didn't happen. Wish I had morning weigh in showed I had gained a pound since the previous day...goes to show, you eat poorly, you definitely pay for it.
So, tonight, I plan on a 4 mile run and hitting the weights kind of hard. Sure hope Muscle man leaves me alone. I don't have time to waste "being chit chatty".....hopefully, with staying on track for the next few days, with my eating and exercise, I will drop that extra pound. In fact, I know I problem.

Here's to a good week everyone!


Sicilian said...

Your weekends make me tired. I thought I was a non stop gal. . . . you make me look mild.
Congrats on your continued dedication to good health. It is a life work. Don't you think we are healthier than our mothers were at our age.
Enjoy your week girlie!

Dixiechick said... are not kidding. I get tired just thinking about as well. I do believe we are healthier now then our mothers were. For one, I don't smoke, she has her whole life, now she is paying for it. I plan on living to a ripe old age...that is for sure. Here's to aging in healthy manner! Have a good week Sicilian! Thank you for sticking by my blog, continuing to read and comment. I appreciate it.