Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gym Ettiquette...

Ok, so last night, I went to the plans were run 4 or 5 miles, then do some weight lifting. Well, once I began to ran...I just kept right on going...and ended up running a total of 10 miles....It was great!

I felt like my lost mojo was back!

The one thing that wasn't so great....I was on the last treadmill, in a row of treadmills..and halfway through my run...this chick decides to get on a treadmill too, but instead of picking one away from mine, she had to hop on the one right next to me...WHY??!!!! Why do people do this?

I feel if they are available, it should be every other one...don't purposely invade someone else's space...It irritated the crap out of me for some reason.

Other things at the gym that irritate me and I have voiced complaints before...sitting on equipment, texting or playing with your cell phone...they are not recliners, people!! If you want to text, just hang out..go to Starbucks people! Don't hog the equipment. Some people have a life that does not revolve around their darn cell phones, some people, actually come to the gym to work out, so get the hell off of the equipment if you are not using it....seriously..that text or phone conversation can't be that darn important.

Then...there is the changing in the locker room. Our locker room is seperated by lockers...each seperate locker space has a bench...there are four of these spaces...If I have my stuff on a bench, there are 3 other open changing areas, why must you come over and push my crap out of the way, to put your crap down, invade my space...etc...are you that proud of your body that you have to strip down naked right in front of me, while I change? Seriously, I did not want to see your granny panties and all the other horrid things my eyes should not be exposed too..

I have a pretty great body right now, but I don't flaunt it naked around the gym, nor do I want time, I swear, I will not be so nice, and "apologize" for having my stuff in "your way"....tramp!

Lastly, when I am upstairs, using the balance ball, doing my ab work...and you come upstairs looking for an extra balance ball, for whatever class is it you are teaching, don't stand 2 ft away from me, sighing loudly, over and over, waiting on me to get done with it, so you can have it for your the words of Stephanie Tanner....

Tell the owner of the gym to order some more damn balls...don't get pissed at me because I won't give it up..not my fault you have a class starting in 3 minutes...

Ok..rant over...I do suprisingly feel much better.

Monday and Tuesday, I took off from working out...I was in bed by 9 p.m. Tuesday night, after taking a couple tylenol p.m.s....I woke feeling rested and rejuvenated...I think I was just exhausted.

I plan on going back to the gym tonight, for a 4 mile run and a weight training I have another busy weekend planned with the hubby...although I will get to sleep in on Sunday...I plan on a short run Friday night and another gym sesh on, technically, Mother's day, I have no children and I plan on nothing but a relaxing restful day!

It's almost Friday, yay!

Question, what are your pet peeves at the gym?


Adventures In Waitressing said...

Hey Lady! Remember me! I recently started going to the gym too. Trying to slim down my big butt and other large areas I don't enjoy looking at. LOL I think the mirrors bother me the most. I don't wear my usual make-up or hair fixed when I go in. I go in to work out, so I basically look scary. I really don't like scaring myself as I work out. Cause then I know I am scaring other. Oh and skimpy gym outfits on tiny well built bodies that shout.. ohhh look at me. I am in super condition. Not so bad, but they are always accompanied by a sashy. That drives me bonkers.

Sicilian said...

I think you're funny. I'd tell the person who is lounging around on the equipment to get off.
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ok, where are you at with your fitness plan sp far... o schedule ? regards, Donato