Friday, May 14, 2010

Where Have I been??

Not that anyone really cares...seeing as how I only have a couple blogger friends that even stop by here anymore....but, I have been busy. Busy with work, busy with family, busy with working time for blogging.

Well, there probably was a minute or two here or there I could have slapped up a post, but..bleh...I just wasnt feelingit..still don't. This blogging thing and me...not so sure if we are working out. I don't know if I am going to shut Dixiechick down...or just take a hiatus...we will see. No one would probably miss this site if it was gone anyway. No, I am not on some pity party...No, I am not expecting to get a bunch of comments with "NO, Dixe..don't do it...don't leave us...arrgghhhh".....I just am not that interested in blogging anymore. Now, I love to read blogs, I read my favorites everyday..just lurking around other's sites...never leaving comments..because I don't even have the desire to do that...Just not feeling it.

I have never thought of myself as a writer..God knows, I wouldn't even fit into that category...I suck. I don't have anything to say but a bunch of useless drival. No one leaves me comments, (except for one faithful follower-She knows who she is) and we know, as bloggers, it is all about the comments...Don't know it is. You blog to reach out to people, to network, etc...I don't know when others lost interest in my site..don't know where I "went wrong", because of that I have also lost my mojo for blogging.
I blogged a while back about losing my mojo in my day to day life as well...Sicilian my friend, thought maybe I was depressed...I thought about that...and really, I don't have anything to be depressed about....I have my worries..but, nothing that would put me in the category of "depression"....Just the usual stuff..worried about my kids, worried about money, hating my job.....worried about hubby and his health..worried about my Mom....which pretty much leaves me no time to worry about me....I think I was just I am doing much better this week. I took a break last week, only working out twice, got in bed a little earlier each night and "re-charged"....

This week...I have jumped back onto the work out far I have ran 15 miles this week (3 different runs) and strength trained twice. My eats have been pretty much on track...healthy, lo cal and tons of water. Not to say I have not indulged occasionally...but nothing too extreme.

I plan on 2 more runs over the weekend, and one more strength training session. This is my weekend with my kids, at least my two youngest. Nothing planned but, housework, gym time, maybe a trip to the park...and watching some movies...maybe a little wine will be involved.

In the meantime...I am going to think about this little blog of mine, and how, if I do decide to keep it up and running, how I can change the dynamics of do I put myself back out there and obtain more readers and followers.

What can I blog about that would interest you? What would you like to know more about Dixie? Ask me questions, leave me comments. If you are lurking, de-lurk..say hi...I don't care if you googled a cartoon and landed on my site, or if you googled Nashville, TN..which, according to my hits, that is what leads a lot of people here...

Over the past 2 1/2 years..I have made a couple really good friends...Hi Sicilian and Jer...Jer in particular...a pen pal, that dropped me a comment and we have been communicating via email for quite some time...I have never met this person yet (soon-we are meeting in June)..but I consider them a very close friend..(Hi-Jer!)...they know who they are, because they just emailed me and called me on my "not blogging" seconds ago...coincidence? I think not...guess that is my sign not to totally throw in the towel on this whole blogging thing....

I just need to figure out how to be more interesting, change up the dynamics..but, I need a little help.....I don't know where to go with this anymore...would you like more pictures, of me, my kids, my life...should I blog more with pictures of what I eat, like some bloggers..or how about recipes? You..the reader, yeah YOU!!! Tell me what would keep you interested in me....and in reading my blog...

Otherwise... I got nothing..



Sicilian said...

Here's my take. You have to decide why you blog. I blog because I have so much stuff going on in my head . . . . it helps me to sort things out. . . . there are a few people who read it . . . . . I've never met one of them. . . . almost, but stuff happened. . . . maybe next year.
I think for a lot of bloggers and former bloggers that facebook takes a lot of attention. I am not a facebook addict, but follow it mostly to find out things from my hometown.
I would never put anything I put in my blog on facebook. . . . I like being semi anonymous. (One of my daughters reads it and my husband could read it, but rarely does) I have the choice to reveal myself to you or whoever reads this blog.
You don't have to desire to be a writer. . . . you just have to want to communicate. If I were you. . . . Take a break. . . see if you miss it in a few weeks. . . and if you don't just stop. Don't delete it because you may want someday to do it again.
Oh and my take on the possibility of depression is that you don't need a reason to be depressed. . . . life stresses can make you depressed. . . I'd still google it. There are some on line tests.
Love ya Dix!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

You make me feel like a slacker, on the exercise front LOL. I blog for stress relief. I am a very sarcastic person. I blog so I don't turn it loose on other people. I wish I hadn't given it up for so long. Blogging isn't really about what others think, though. It is about how it makes you feel and what you wish to say. Go for it!

aka Adventures In Waitressing

Dixiechick said...

Sicilian..thanks for your input. I always value what you have to say. I am on Facebook, but it really doesn't appeal to me that much. As far as blogging goes, only time will tell what direction I take with it. I probably should just use it as an "outlet" to express what is going on in my head, and stop putting pressure on myself to just post something. As far as depression goes, you may be right...I will google it, take some tests..see what happens.
Love you too!

Drama Queen..
Good point. I need to develop that outlook as well.