Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I, what else is new?

Ok, ok..I know, when it comes to blogging frequently, I suck...I have my good weeks, I have my bad weeks..I have been planning a post since Monday..and yes, I is Wednesday...but, I have just not been feeling it.

How was every one's weekend? Mine..well, it was rather uneventful...last Friday, after work, I went to get a pedicure. Then hubby and I went to dinner in was storming really, really bad. We were going to hit up a couple of clubs, but the first one we stopped at, they wanted $15 a person to get in, so we left and the second one was just dead...nothing going on. At that point, with the weather being so bad, plus hubby and I were being snippy with each other, I just wasn't in the mood and all I wanted was to go, that is what we did...hubby and I argued, I went to bed mad...he came in to wake me up (I wasn't actually asleep)...and we agreed to disagree and kind of sorta made up. It was still storming/raining out, so we went out onto the porch with some wine and sat for awhile..that was nice..and I am glad I didn't continue to be a bitch and we worked out our issues. Never go to bed angry. It just isn't worth it.

Saturday...we had a lot of errands to run..I had a hard time getting my mojo and getting myself ready to go..but, eventually..I did and around 2 p.m. we headed out the door. Took care of our errands and a quick stop for lunch and then groceries, and Blockbuster (yay for TruBlood~the best show evah!!!~no lie!!!), we were home by 6 and I was chilling with wine in hand...about 8, hubby threw some steaks on the grill, I nuked some sweet potatoes and steamed some veggies and we had a delightful dinner. I ended up watching all of my TruBlood DVD, had some hubby and me time, then went to bed...a little tipsy. Darn those huge ass bottle's of wine...I buy the big bottles, so I can have some for Sunday too, since Indiana sucks with no alcohol sales on Sunday, but when I do have the bigger bottle, and the kids aren't home..I can't stop drinking it..seriously, wine is like kool-aid to me....I don't care for any other type of alcoholic beverage..just wine. I only drink it on the weekends, usually when my kids aren't home...hubby helped. He rarely drinks, but I would pour a glass, he would pick it up and drink it too, usually drinking half of every glass I poured..don't worry, I still had some for Sunday though.

I surprisingly did not wake up on Sunday with a wine headache...I felt pretty good, and since I had only worked out 3 days during the week last week, I had planned on going to the gym. After wishing hubby Happy Fathers Day and texting my brother and one of my dear male friends, I started to get ready for the gym. But...our little one Max called, he was at the in-laws lake property with them and he wanted his Dad and I to come down for a "Fathers Day Party" he had planned all himself. Neither one of us felt like it, but no way were we going to let this little guy down. He never asks us for anything, so we changed our plans (no gym for me), packed up our swim suits, got ready and headed down to Raccoon Lake.

We ended up "swimming", from the bank, since the water was up so high (it was virtually in the inlaws back yard) and the dock was submerged under water. I do not like lake is dirty and gross to, I only waded in up to my waist...while Hubby, Max and the Mother in Law swam. Once the fish started nibbling on my lovely lady bits..I got the hell out of the water. I don't like to be nibbled on..let me rephrase least by fishy swimmy things in the water. Yuck.

Finally, after I complained enough, we got on the boat and went for a ride. Max and I both rode the tube, which was a blast, until we both decided to get in it and the combined weight of our legs over the front of the tube started to sink the damn, they took Max out and I went by myself. After I had my fill, they stopped the boat to pull me in...after I was back on board, the Mother in law went to switch over the gas tanks, and then the boat wouldn't start. For a half hour, hubby and her messed with the gas tank, trying to figure out what was going on. We were sweltering and Max was begging his Grandmother to call Grandpa to come get us in his fishing boat and pull us home. Finally, hubby realized his Mother had put a clamp or some such nonsense on backwards and he fixed it..Voila', the damn boat started. Imagine that!

Here are few pics of our lovely Father's Day adventure.

Hubby and Max, in the swing, before the lovely swim began.

Max..preparing to release the rope from the boat so we can "set sail"..hahaha.
Isn't he adorable?

Max in the tube...preparing for take off!

Max giving us his "signals"...he was wanting us to get in the wake of other boats, so his ride would be bumpier....he is truly not scared of anything.

Mother-in-law...sweet woman is sporting a sex-ay kick ass hat! I told her I needed

And...your's truly...reading up on how much more I need to do to get "buff"...what a joke! This was when we were stranded for at least a half hour. I was sweating bullets and we didn't have any water to drink or nuthin! I usally plan a little better than that, but I seriously thought we were only going for a short ride. I am an idiot!

But...I was a trooper, and eventually we headed back to the house. Mother in law made a fab pork roast and since I had ate nothing, I was ravenous. I made myself a pork roast sandwich with some steamed potatoes and a big bowl of strawberries and melon..twas delish!
Hubby and I had a delightful time and I am so glad we went. Max was so happy and so proud of his present for his dad and his little "party" he had planned. He even went out on his own and picked his Dad some fresh raspberries and blackberries...what a sweet little guy.
On the way home, he fell's an hours, we stopped for ice cream...woke him up and surprised him..he loved it. Yes, I had a small cone myself.
Then, after Max was in bed..I finished the wine left in that big bottle..2 glasses and went to bed myself. It was a pretty good weekend. Just not on the exercise front.

So, come Monday....(since this post isn't long enough already), I knew I had to hit the gym, and corral my eating back under control...and I did great. I went to the gym Monday, ran 6 miles and did back, triceps and abs. Eating was healthy all day.
Tuesday, I ran 3. 5 miles and had salad for dinner. No wine either day.
Tonight, I plan on at least a 4.5 mile run and abs/legs. I ate healthy for breakfast..oatmeal and pineapple. And for lunch, I went to the grocery, got some Arnold's sandwich thins, some chicken salad, leaf lettuce/tomato, and came back to the office and made a delightful, fresh sandwich, along with some Sweet potato chips..(so addicting) and 2 low fat fig newtons.

I plan on a workout at lunch tomorrow. Friday I am taking off and a full body workout and run again on Saturday. Wish me luck with sticking to plan.

Here in an hour, I am going to fuel with a banana and a sugar free Red Bull and hit the gym. I so don't want to go, but no pain/no gain,huh? Got to put some of those exercises I read about in Oxygen mag to use....those ladies in that magazine blow my ever loving mind. They eat clean 100% of the time. I am sure most, if any of them, do not have children either. But, Damn...they have my dream body. I bust my ass, and I just can't get there and I won't either, because I don't think I can follow their diets 100% and I can not be at the gym every day for hours on end, but that doesn't mean I don't feel enviousof them. I so want to buy Tosca Reno's book, the Eat Clean Diet and her cook book, but we are always so low on funds, that that is one treat for myself that is going to have to wait for awhile. Plus, groceries are so expensive, I eat a lot of chicken and salads. To buy all the ingrediants to fix some of those recipes, plus the time....shoot, who am I kidding. Pipe dreams..

Well, we are on the down side of the week as of tomorrow. Mr. Burns is on vacation this week and it has been delightful. Very peaceful and I have gotten caught up on all of my work..well, most of it. Except for one little project I have to do. Oh,well...there's always tomorrow.

The weekend is going to be awesome! I can almost taste it. Friday night, I will have both younger kids...maybe take them to see the Karate Kid and for dinner, then Saturday night, Hubby and I are meeting one of my dear friends in Indy for a fun night. This friend found me by this wonderful blog, and we have become fast friends. We have only emailed, texted and talked on the phone once...but, we feel like we have known each other forever and Saturday night, this friend is going to be in Indianapolis for work, so we are meeting for dinner and maybe hit up a couple of them around our wonderful city of Indianapolis. Should be loads of fun!

Take care of yourself everybody and finish your week strong!

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