Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weekends Here!!!

Finally, the weekend is here. I am so looking forward to having 2 glorious days off. The kiddos are again gone this weekend, so hubby and I are looking forward to an all adult weekend.

I have worked out four days in a row..go me! So...tonight, I am taking off from any form of exercise...except hand to mouth, no weights, just a glass of wine..yum, yum....

Not sure what we are doing tonight...weighing some it is..I have 10 minutes left of work, then I have to run to Cvs to get Aaron's medicine and pick up some beauty supplies for me.
Then home to get ready for whatever the husband has in store.

Tomorrow night, dinner with our dear friend at Ruth Chris steakhouse and then bar hopping.
Should be a fun night, so I have to make sure I hit up the gym hard sometime tomorrow.

Sunday, shall be a day of rest, except for a short run...

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

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