Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Stressed Out....

And yes....I feel as if the rope is about to break from fraying. My weekend didn't quite turn out the way I left off with my last post...Friday I left work early, went and completed my shopping for Aaron's birthday party that I had planned for Saturday afternoon and then went to the gym. Then came home, spent some time with the hubby....and then went with the family back to town for dinner. Afterwards, I was at home cleaning when I got the call...

The call every Mother dreads...My son had been hurt...hit in the head and knocked out, while playing football. Justin, the 16 year old was in Indianapolis, playing a rival school when during opening kick off of the game, he was hit from behind by a huge player and hit his head, knocked him out! My son's Dad, who he lives with, was out of town and my 20 year old was left in charge. I guess when Justin got hit, the coach called his Dad, who was in N.C. and so his Dad called Tim, thinking the accident happened in Terre Haute, told him to get to the hospital. Well, Justin wasn't in Terre Haute, he was in Indy...so Tim called me. At that point, he had no idea what hospital they were taking him to, how bad he was hurt, nothing! I was scared out of my mind. I immediately started calling all the hospitals in Indianapolis...no one had any record of him. My cell phone died, the house phone battery had went dead..so I was franctically looking for another phone...finally, got that problem taken care of and started calling Justin's cell phone. Finally the coach answered his phone and said they were en route to Methodist Hospital. Hubby was supposed to work over time Friday night, so he had to call off work, as we only have one car and I had to get to the hospital. I was totally freaking out, trying to gather up the kids, hubby, etc and get on the road, as the hospital is an hour away.
Once I arrived at the hospital, I ran inside to a full E.R. waiting area and I was furious that I had to "stand in line" to get any information. I wanted to see my son! Finally, a woman coming back from break, seen my distress and immediately took me back to find my son. Once Justin seen me he broke down crying, saying he didn't remember anything. I hugged him and reassured him he was going to be fine. They did a CAT scan, which came back fine..thank goodness. He ended up with a pretty serious concussion though. We were at the hospital until 2 a.m Saturday morning. They decided to keep him over night for observation. I couldn't stay with him, as I had to drive hubby and the two little guys back home. We were all exhausted and hubby, having not slept in two days, was in no condition to drive. Once home, I showered and slept for three hours, called the hospital to check on Justin (he was sleeping but ok) and dressed and drove back to the hospital. Finally at 2 in the afternoon, the truama doctor came down to see Justin. He was discharging him, but told him no football for at least 3 weeks. Justin is pretty upset about that. I don't want him to play anymore this season. What if he got hit in the head again? I could not bare for him to have another head injury, especially after this one, the next one could be worse. The truama doctor recommended he see his family doctor this week, then next week, follow with the sports truama center in Indianapolis. He very well may be out for the rest of the season.
After leaving the hospital, I got home around 3, got Justin settled, and then had to rush to the store to finish buying everything for the cookout for Aaron's party.
The party went well, but by the end of it, I was an exhausted mess. I didn't get in bed until 1 a.m on Sunday and was up early again Sunday morning. No rest for the weary.
I was pretty tired yesterday (still am today), but still managed to get a mini run in last night..when I say mini, well...My 7 year old wanted to "run" with Mama...and guess what, he did, we did a 2.3 mile loop (run/walk) and he kept up really well...after the first loop, we came home for some water and he said he wanted to do it again. I was like, "for real-are you sure" he said yes, he said he loved it and wanted to go again. So, we did...my 7 year old and I ended up running (with a few walk breaks) for a total of 4.6 miles. I have never been more proud of that little guy! And let me tell you, he was so proud of himself, he was gushing! He is ready to go again tonight, but I told him tonight is a gym night for me, so we have a standing running date tomorrow evening. I think he has caught the bug! We will see how long it last. Who knows, maybe this will be his "niche", his "thing"....

Have a good week!

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