Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Son! I love You!!!!!

Yesterday was my 3rd son's Birthday! We had a party for him last Saturday....He had friends over, his family, his brothers and had a terrific time. We had a cook-out, then a bon fire afterwards and we were all up very late! But, he had a terrific time. He got a new bike, clothes, an XBox game and some large lego sets..he was estatic with his gifts!

(Wow..what a terrible picture. I was so exhausted from my weekend at the Hospital with the 16 year old, I unfortunately did not get a lot of good pictures.)

Anyway, Aaron turned 11 years old yesterday. Time has really flown by. I look at this child in wonder and amazement. We were so close when he was smaller and we still are to a point. Just those "pre-teen" attitudes are starting to creep in and we don't always see eye-to-eye...but he is a terrific kid! A lot like me in so many ways...and man, can this child draw! He is quite the little artist! I can see him taking this talent and going very far with it in his adult life...although he says he wants to be in the military...who knows what he will end up doing with his life. Every day with him is a joy and I love him so very much.

Happy 11th Birthday Aaron! You rock! I am so very proud of you! You give me more joy than you will ever know! I thank God for you every day!


Mark said...

Any birthday that involves playing Xbox, gets my seal of approval.

Cool cake too! :)

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Mark! He had fun...