Friday, July 22, 2011

Just like a wilted flower....

That is how this excessive heat makes me feel...yuck! It reached 100 degrees here yesterday. I don't think I can ever remember it being this hot. Because of this heat, I haven't run outside in some time and I really am missing it. Although, at the gym, it is not much cooler. I know the air is running there, ceiling fans are going, but with all the people in there, sucking up that air...I still leave dripping in sweat with my clothes soaked through. It was so hot last night, I felt like I was going to pass out and I was running so slow...taking several walk breaks. My time sucked: 5 miles in 52 minutes...I can usually do 5 miles in 48 minutes or so.

I am so glad it's the weekend. All of my children are gone until Sunday, so not sure what the plans are with hubby. We may go to a winery tomorrow, just chill and then for dinner. Tonight, I feel like I should go to the gym and run a few miles, but I know if I even mention it to the hubby, he will get ticked off. I have worked out the last 3 days straight, so tonight is supposed to be my "rest" night...he has to work so I know we won't do too much tonight, keep things pretty low key.

So, tomorrow morning, I plan on being at the gym by 9 a.m., run a few miles then take a Body Pump class. Sunday, starts my first day of half marathon training, which is supposed to be to stretch/strength train but since I am doing that on Saturday with Body Pump, I will probably just run a few more miles again. I have been trying to average at least 20 plus miles a week with my running. Some weeks are easier and better than others. I know my run last night sucked big time. I have found since my last half marathon, I have gotten a little slower than I used to be...I don't know why. Just getting old I guess.

Well, got to finish up my work day and looking forward to 5 o'clock. Have a good weekend and try to stay cool.

Here's a Friday funny for those of you having to deal with the heat like we are here in Indiana....

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