Friday, July 8, 2011

No news is good news I guess....

Happy Friday everyone! Even though it was a short work week for me, I am very glad this week is coming to a close....I assume everyone had a safe and delightful 4th of July....I did....nothing exciting happened..I had 5 days off from work and enjoyed every single second of it. We stayed close to home and I got to spend a couple days with my 17 year old. We went and watched fireworks one night and I took them to an afternoon movie....We saw Super 8....typical Steven Spielberg advice, if you haven't seen it, save your money and rent it when it comes out on DVD...

Went for several uneventful runs...that's about it. Been averaging 4-5 workouts a week. Gaining and losing the same freaking 5 lbs over and over....I honestly think it is muscle, because my eating habits have not changed...all the miles I put it in on my training for my half marathon definitely added some definition to my thighs seem more muscular and bigger...not sure I am too happy about that...oh, well...I love running too much to quit. So, a curse I guess I will have to deal with.

I took a Body Pump class a few days ago..since then I have been having a consistent sharp pain in my chest, on the left side....hurts when I breathe in sharply...pretty sure its a pulled chest subsides when I take ibuprofen for awhile....hopefully it will clear up soon..if not, I may have to go get it checked out....I hate when things are not "right" with me healthwise..when I don't feel a 100%....I am one of those google freaks that has to check any and all maladies out online and I always tend to think the worse. Have any of you ever had a pulled chest muscle? If so, what were your syptoms and how long did it take to heal?

Well...guess that's all I have today. Forgot my breakfast this morning, so I am just about ready to gnaw my arm off I am so hungry...think lunch time is going to come about right now...Panera Bread sounds pretty darn good to me....I love their Summertime salads...what's your favorite meal from Panera?

Have a good weekend!
(I do believe this rates as the most lame post I have ever put on here! LOL!)

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